Saturday , May 28 2022

Amazon divides second headquarters into two cities ::


Amazon divides its second headquarters into two cities

Picture: Reuters Inc. instead of choosing one center, plans to divide the second headquarters into two cities. The source told the Wall Street Journal. The stunning solution will focus on the impact of the new office opening, instead of someone else's release notes.

The driving force of the decision to create two additional offices in Seattle's headquarters is the need to recruit sufficient staff. This step also simplifies the potential barriers for staff replacement and deployment, as well as other staff issues.

According to the plan, each of the new plants will employ 25,000 people.

Amazon has been negotiating to move to several cities, but you know what their final decision was. It was clear earlier Crystal City, Dallas, and New York. Other options: Denver, Toronto, Atlanta, Nashville, Tennessee and Raleigh, and people know what's going on.

Negotiations with the best candidates may be in different phases, as those who are well-informed. In North Virginia, Amazon is negotiating with US officials to negotiate with JBG Smith Properties for landscapes in Crystal City. Part of the negotiations involves the limitation of Amazon's investment goals that it takes to stimulate.

Amazon is "not something to be predicted," say people who are familiar with the ongoing negotiations in Virginia.

The location of other cities in the Amazon list, such as New Jersey, is much clearer. Recently, Chicago and Miami have contacted the company, but are not currently negotiating. This does not mean that this topic does not work.

Amazon announced a year before the creation of a second head office, which led to an unprecedented trading process. The new headquarters for the second largest headquarters for the electronic gigantic giants of the company will cost about 50,000 jobs in nearly two decades and $ 5 billion in the company.

In January, Amazon acquired secret market secrecy after announcing its bid to 238 cities and 20 finalists in the region.

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