Friday , June 18 2021

As Mladen Marinov acknowledges, there is a protest action for the ban

Private cars have protest actions that hamper traffic. Citizens are protesting within the scope of legally enforceable rights.

Bulgarian Interior Minister Mldein Marinov informed Sliven on where he met with mayors to discuss interaction between local authorities and police in public order and security.

Protests in the Municipal City of Mladen at protests, police officers organize traffic and supervise veterans. Such a police should also pay attention to such unsanctioned protests. According to him, most of the protests are without prior notice in local authorities.

The Interior Minister complained to the protesters on Sunday to block roads and roads across the country. "I'm calling all of you – peaceful protest in accordance with the law. It can not be provoked by the police. Police orders are being executed and we are going to provide this right to legitimate protesters, "Marinov said.

The minister did not want to comment on one of the six police unions supporting the protest. "Trade Unions … Talk To Trade Unions".

Let's remind, mothers of disabled children for 22 days protested against Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simeonov's resignation, who called them "abusive women with distressing children."
Also in many cities of the country citizens complained about high fuel prices.

The Interior Minister said this Not every village can have a police officer. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on January 4, 2017, was dismissed from the post of Prime Minister for the second time.

At the beginning of the third term HERB stated that in every village there would not be a police officer – on May 12, 2017, former Interior Minister Valentin Radev. he openly stated that he would further enhance the state of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

His successor, Mladen Marinov, stated after the meeting in Sliven Instead of a police officer in every village: "We are looking for options such as video surveillance, work with security companies interacting with local authorities ".

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