Saturday , January 28 2023

Bad: Anyone who does not sleep in full grief reduces the risk of death – BLITZ


People who do not sleep in full darkness are likely to develop oncology and cardiovascular disease, Russian scientists say. "There is a clear link between excessive illumination in many major cities, especially the risk of developing various diseases of the cardiovascular and oncological diseases," says Somaliologist Alexander Golinkin, head of the Sleeping Medical Center of the Moscow State University named after Maskarov.

According to him, light is the main regulator for the production of melatonin hormone. Each cell has its own time-lapse, which is regulated by melatonin. "If we get too bright tonight or use computer technology, it will shorten melatonin production and cause sleep problems," Kalinkin said.

Important role in health is waking up – it is reading

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