Monday , June 5 2023

Bokskorak Stoyka Petrova ka kassira for the finals on the svetovnoto pvarvenstvo


Stoyka Petrova is a finalist for the finals in the letter. 54 kg in lightweight boxing at Nue Delhi (Indo) and two-thirds of the world's best-of-competition titles. Dobrich won the national team of the year 33 with a semi final of the bronze medalist in the Asian Games. Nandindezej Myagmundulam (Montgomery) with 5: 0 Honey Glas.

For example, the European champagne # 1 is a champagne in Asia – Lin Yu-Tin (Taiwan). Petrova is the continental champagne for 2018, and the caterpillars have been split into two euro zlato. The final stage of the contest is Astana (Kaz), which will be held in 2016, for the finalists of the finals, but not for the title of the representative Dina Zholaman.

Kak'utto and Medal were also spared by Petrova, the 9th birthday celebration of the Boxing Federation. In Astana (Kaz) bronze is awarded by Denia Eliseeva (57 kg), and a two-year jack – in Jeju (Kor), Stanimira Petrova scored a 54-pile hinge. Цитаи (Кито) Питер Български Медаль не завоюван в Киндао (Кит) прези 2012 г. fire Svetlana Staneva – Bronzov in the letter. 57 kg.

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