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The score of the stage draws from the "Seville Barber" and "Joachimino Rossini Opera" costumes will bring joy to visitors of the open-air show in Sofia Opera Hall for three weeks, reports BulFoto.

Manolini performs threads from Naples (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Professor Francesco Reggiani, the leader of the opera archives in Rome (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Costume of the opera "Wilhelm Tel" for Mathilde, Mario Pompeii, 1941 (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

The exposition "Dear Italy, I love you" is part of the international celebration of the 150th anniversary of the composer's death. Italian Ambassador Stephen Bale opened an exhibition with Professor Francesco Reggii, head of the opera archive in Rome Alexandra Malusardi and director of the Sofia Opera House Plamen Kartalov.

The event was attended by many representatives of the diplomatic corps and opera artists.

Director of the Sofia Opera House Plamen Kartalov (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Photo: Евгений Димитров / BulFoto

Costume costumes for Don Bartholom from the opera Sevilla, author Carlo Podolli, 2012 (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Professor Francesco Reggiani, the leader of the Rome Opera Archive, tells the diplomats about the life behind the scenes (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Italian Ambassador Stephan Baldi with representatives of the diplomatic corps (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

The original sketches and drawings of the templates include Italian figurative art figures such as Giorgio De Ciro, as well as Italian costume designers and costume designers such as Pierluigi Pizzi, Chipriano Efiziio Oposo, Philippo Sanjus, Camilo Paravichini, Giovanni Grandi, Veniero Collasant, Benny Montrezor, Mario Pompi, Alfredo Furiga and others.

Rossini's celebration:

Skirid suit from the opera "Le Roi de Gourmes" by Lila de Noble in 1964 (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Semiramis costume, produced by Semiramis, costume, Pierluigi Pizzi, 2005 (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Giorgio de Kirico, 1964, Yago suit of Opa Hotel (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

A costume for Rozina from the Giilecki Falcon's Sevilla Workshop in 2016. (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Costume from the opera "Turki Italia" by Aldo Bouti, 1983 (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Benny Montrezor, 1989 Costume for the opera "Zelmira" (Photo: Evgeniy Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Costume for Orange Cake from Le Roi de Gourmets, by Lila de Nobili, 1964 (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

Cinderella costume, Cinderella, Vanessa Sanino, 2016 (Photo: Evgeny Dimitrov / BulFoto)

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