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Culture "Clay Dew" is 100th anniversary of Yeva Rayevskaya


© National ethnographic museum

Today at 17:30 in the National Ethnographic Museum will be presented more than 50 ceramic vessels of famous ceramic painter Zhova Rayevskaya.

The name of the exhibition will be opened on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the author's birth and will feature unpublished works in five rooms located on the first floor of the former Prague Palace.

On the day of the opening, a luxury catalog, featuring archival photos of his life and the scope of the exhibition, will be presented, the organizers reported.

© National ethnographic museum

Visitors can see not only objects, but also colorful vases, bowls and dishes, and also can see two portraits of Raevsk. The first one was painted by painter Zlatouho Boozhiev and his second son, Kras Gori, who moved to the United States in the 1960s.

The main initiator of the exhibition is the daughter of Amy Gordon Chepmen, born in 1970 in the ocean. The Ethnography Museum is hosted by the Director of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore, Professor Petko Khristov and Assistant Professor Violetta Vasilcina.

During his childhood Chapman visited the country several times with his grandmother. Not long after the author's death in 2000, he was found in his villa in Draalevtsi, which he had never seen before and decided to add them to the exhibition.

© National ethnographic museum

Yaya Rayevskaya was born in Troyan in 1918 and has been active for over 40 years – from the 60s to the 80's. Unusual flowers and shapes, as well as a completely new look on the clay, now featured in the famous ceramics. Although experimenting with various techniques, they have developed articles by art critics, collectors and connoisseurs.

"His work is part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage and is an example of the next generations of artists." The successful combination of traditions and modernity reflects one of the key messages of the exhibition, namely, art and boldness in life, "says Christov.

In addition to ships, he left the manuscript decorated in the entrance hall of the Council of Ministers in Sofia and at the capital office.

The exhibition can be seen from the National Ethnographic Museum from November 21 to January 27, 2019.

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