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Denia's mother, after justifying the two dead girls on the Alpine Street, said: "We and our children have killed


The main witness of the case lives

A few meters from the Court of Justice

years have not been found

When I heard the sentence I was silent. And yet, they killed our children, but they still did. That is why Alina Avenue 41 Alexandra Tsisheva, the door to the collapse of the Alina Avenue, explained the verdict of the Sofia City Court (CCM).

The mother of another girl, Snezhan Stavrevna, who died on the walls, was sentenced by Judge Pitrina. The woman does not know how she ended the case of a single child. For many years he has been living all over the world. The pain has disturbed his mentality.

On September 19, 2006, 12 years after the construction of a four-storey building on Alabin Street, his deceased deceased Denis (26) and Petrin (24) were detained on Wednesday in the City Court of Sofia (Sofia). Four defendants – businessman and owner of George Kirchhev's building, architect Nikolay Simeonov rented repair, engineer Petr Petrov hired repair, and Mancho Antonov was justified by three people. They were convicted for the first time six years before the tragedy,

Since then

was opposed



The investigation lasted for 10 years, and the proceedings – 2. Everything was documented because the ruins were quickly cleaned and the well-desiged lands were not legitimate. Over the years, it has been repeatedly dropped.

Many witnesses, including officials from the Institute of Culture Monuments, neighbors from neighboring buildings, police, and firefighters, have forgotten the past.

The suspect remembers his testimony in the courtroom. Builder Nikolay Alexandrov,

it was 12 years ago



«Hydrostroke P»


he was officially contacted by George Kirkev in April 2017. Although he lived a few meters from the Court of Justice in Thessaloniki Street, he did not find a long time to prove Alexandrov. Judge Velichka Marinkova explained that she had flooded Kirchyov. When and how he could not remember, but when he said nothing, he was lying.

In fact, Alexandrov himself links the mother of two daughters. In the summer of 2007, a year after the tragedy, he met with them in front of the National Theater. There are three of three meetings. Before their arrival, the building owner came in late afternoon on September 19, 2006, and ordered the removal of five rails on the first floor. Despite warnings that the building would collapse, builders cut off three of the columns. In the autumn at 16.30, two hours before the autumn, the building collapsed and five of its masters left. Fear the fungus and the protection. The staff were so surprised that they went to Soluszka Street to drink and calm them. At 18:30, when they heard that a building had collapsed in Sofia, they were convinced that they were "Alle Alin".

Her mother, Aleksandrov, said she had frightened her a few years ago, but at the time she did not testify against Kerchov. During the investigation, the judge was also asked.

But who is Nikolay Aleksandrov? A builder who worked 12 years ago at Kirstov's Hydrostroy P. On the day of trouble, he has a fire extinguisher. Mancho Antonov's staff did not have that instrument, so he sent Alexandrov there. Her friend, who serves as a watchman in a building next to the building, describes it as a striving for money. He says he speaks of Alexander, but the girls' mothers have to pay him first.

The decision of the border will be appealed before the appellate court.

Alexandra Tsisheva: I called the court: do not accept his suit

Denia's childhood belief. It's different

Why the next day

She cleans the dung, her mother asks

DChechenisheva, you did not stop talking on Wednesday at the end of the last hearing, and you kept silent when you heard that they were not guilty.

"They are involved in such a sentence. I would be resistant to 15, I could not. I felt what was going on inside. We have been struggling for justice for 12 years, and what has happened? Over the years, each call and stress has taken place.

– What do you tell Denis's 15-year-old daughter?

"His mother died at the age of two and eight months. You do not know what it is like. At the age of 9, he wrote a slow poem that ends with my mother's words, which she hopes for. I told the judges that I called them to make fair decisions that the child can continue his life and not only destructive actions, but also justice. Hope and trust leave him, no one else. Everything is lost. She lost her parents' most important place in her life. Then they killed him once, but now he has killed us, and I do not know the way.

"Whose responsibility is not responsible?"

"It starts with the incident. The next day they clean their traces. Why? Something was hiding. If the building was underage, would the defendants' lawyers be slandered? What did he say about the traces of the trail immediately cleared? They said they would not have any other victims. Nonsense! It is best to conduct a good investigation to surround them and to prevent torture. 12 Why do they conduct normal investigations and cause the collapse of the building? Initially, this case was in the course of the investigation, but in the fifth and sixth month it was handed over to the prosecutor's office in Sofia. It is loaded to manipulate it.

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