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If you want to lose weight, why can not sex change a good exercise and why it negatively affects the overall carbohydrate? These myths are mixed with Healthy Nutritionist Camilla Akerberg, channel3 reports.

The first deception: sex is calculated as a training exercise

One of the most widespread myths is that a good explosion between sheets burns many calories, like the mile and half cross. Research published by PLOS ONE shows that men and women have an average of 100 calories – about 69 calories.

According to researchers, men have an average of 4.2 calories in sex with 3.1 calories for women, writes The Men & # 39; s Health. According to one study, for six minutes a sexually explicit person has about 20 calories of about 30 calories, only sitting on a sofa and watching the TV, but only 14.

Therefore, the statement that sex and sports can be replaced is a deception.

The Second Failure: For a great shock, thousands of tapes are required

Camilla Acherberg assures you that there are other ways to get the hardest necklace instead of getting thousands of hours of watches.

According to Australia, Australians who for several years have been denied such serious injuries do not need hundreds of scots. "They are a great exercise, but there are enough movements for this purpose."

Third Mischief: Daily calories are paid

Calorie daily calories are not harmful to health, and more people do not prolong.

Fourth illness: eat green vegetables completely full of sugar and alcohol

A healthy diet includes many vegetables, but not only green but Camilla. It is the key to the long-term results of vegetables, vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins, healthy fats and good carbohydrates.

"If you are too strict and leave only green, you will not be able to eat and be full of food, if you completely deplete sugar and alcohol," says Camilla Eckernberg.

"If possible, the maximum raw material should be avoided, the processed food and the nutritional value should be avoided." Alcohol is moderate and normal over time – it stimulates hunger, "the expert recalls.

The Fifth Accident: A complete ban on all carbohydrates

Of course, if you want to lose weight lately, you've heard that you need to remove carbohydrates. Research has some support for this requirement, but a general ban on this group may disrupt the balance.

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy, so that the correct amount and quality of body fatigue and weight loss will help.

Cornish, brown rice, whole grains, vegetables, dairy products and potatoes – a source of carbohydrates that provide long-lasting energy, help stabilize blood pressure. They also raise the mood as they regulate hormones such as serotonin and insulin.

According to Australian Nutritionist Lindsey Cohen, carbohydrates are another danger. "Even if you take pounds from your diet carbohydrates, you do not want to do the rest of your life, and you will recover your weight quickly after you have a carbohydrate diet," he says.

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