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Eight people were injured in a train crash near Chernish (OBZOR)


20 November 2018 | 03:46 | FOCUS News Agency

Photo: Information agency

Eight people were injured in a train crash near Chernish (OBZOR)Photo: FOCUS News Agency

Simitli. Seven people were injured in the crash near Cherenic village. At 18.55, the locomotive of the 50244 passenger train to Blagoevgrad landed on Petrich's train. Passengers are out of date. Firefighters Blagoevgrad, Simitli and Razlog have reached optimal places from foot to the scene. The rescue teams have created a mechanism for taking passengers out of the reach of Peyo Yavorov and inspected by emergency medical staff. They do not endanger life.
The governor of the Blagoevgrad district, Biser Mikhailov, explained that the train driver, the train's trainer and six other people were transported by ambulance teams. 6 people are placed in UMHAT Blagoevgrad and two in Pulse Hospital. "There are no serious injuries or their lives now," he said. According to him, after land inspection, the railroad rehabilitation activities will begin immediately. If the route is removed, the route itself must be restored, "Mikhailov explained.
According to him, the rescue operation was attended by four teams from the fire safety and public security department in Plegoevgrad. "Both teams from Razlog and Sandanski. 9 ambulances responded to the signal. People who were on the train were evacuated. With the help of the Director of the BDZ "Passenger Transportation", they are on a bus route. Some of the passengers were in Blagoevgrad, the rest were in good condition in Sofia, "Mikhailov said.
According to him, the relief and evacuation took place on the ropes of the Streum River.

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