Thursday , August 18 2022

Eriksson's "Tottenham" hero defeated "Inter" 1-0


Christian Eriksen left the table to look for Tottenham winning the Champions League.

The Danish team "Inter" won the team "Inter" with a score of 1: 0, so the London team was equal to Neradzor in "B" group.

However, the direct advantage of Morrison will continue for the team of Pocetino, and in the last round they will continue to achieve the least result, as the Italian team has. Tottenham accepts Barcelona while Inter is taking PSV.

Hosts are, in spite of their unexpected, Christian Eriksen and Jun Mong Son. Eric Lamela, Lucas Murray, Harry Vines, and Jan Wertton had four changes. The difference was 4: Brozovich, Vescino, Perezic and Ircardi.

It is expected that the blows will play in the beginning, but in the first few minutes they will not reach a clean position. However, 8th Kane entered the penalty area but fled far away. However, Diagonal stack, Khandanovich scored the ball in the corner, but there was no player in London.

It was fined after Mora Politano's siege, but the referee felt that the game was in his hands. The Italians were not defeated under the pressure of Spencer.

Dele Ali took the situation a little bit, but Kane was a great one in the minutes to keep the ball up. Lamela's experience was postponed, but she was not shot again.

But gradually, as it turned out, Tauthenheim seemed to have less energy. On the 26th minute, the home team did not clean the ball well, but Ningollan did not take advantage of it and made a good attack.

The Italians began to manage the ball, but in the 30th minute they were unlikely to be in the opponent's hands. Cisco went to the right and found Ali with Mora. Brazil was at a distance of 15 meters to the door, but it was a very bad shot and did not interfere with Khandanovich, which was a good chance.

The initiators returned to their owners, and in the 39th minute their luck was lost. Harry Whins made the ball about 20-22 meters away, but he climbed the bar.

Shortly after the break, Raja Ningolang struck Nerazzurri in place of Valero's injury. However, the guests were 0-0 in the break and Lamela Brozovic came up with buttons, but after a yellow card pass, there would be many people.

After a break, Vezino nudged the guests, but was not accurate, and then overtook Zane in the midst of Asamoa Mora. Winx did not fit in with a new distance from the touch, and Shkrineri closed the ball well. After the release of Morricio Poketino in a logical game, Srriniari escaped from the slightest angle.

Korey turned to the left and tried to find Kane at the door, but De Wre was killed. Christian Eriquen also came in and instantly delivered a superb ball in the far leg, but Vernon was shot dead for some time! The Tottenham time has come to an end.

Perrys Loris has had the effect on the diagonal before Wambley's explosion. In the 80th minute, Siso made it to the right and found Delhi Ali and Eriksen who did not let Khandanovich from the left – 1: 0.

Ambrosio tried to respond immediately, but his shot hit Lorys. The hosts came back to protect themselves, and this resulted in their result, as the game ended with this result, but Khandanovich was suppressed in some extra time by the Asamoo strike.

Tottenham – Inter 1: 0

1: 0 Eriksson 80

Tottenham: Laura (70 Erikensen), Loris, Orie, Vertungen, Aldervairelde, Davis, Sisoko, Winx (86 milk), Moore (63)

Inter: Hannenovich, Ambrosio, De Vrey, Shkrininier, Asamoa, Vescino, Brozovic, Polo (82 Balloons), Nangolan (44 Valero)

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