Friday , February 3 2023

EU to allocate $ 293.4 million for modernization of railway transport to Bulgaria Euro invested


The European Union invested 293.4 million euros Within the framework of the joint venture modern, fast and secure rail connections between cities Plovdiv and Burgas, Some of Bulgaria's major cities One of the most important ports on the Black Sea.

Thus, investments will be promoted Construction of a high-speed railway line along the East-East Mediterranean corridor Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), linking Central-South-East Europe.

"Thanks to the EU funded project, Bulgarian citizens can increase their safety in a short time. They also feel the benefits of improving air quality, as the project will provide green mobility in the country, "said Corina Kretuu, Regional Policy Commissioner.

It will bring it to the project Reduce 40 minutes in travel For passengers, both for cargo and for trains, at a speed of 293 km, at a speed of 130 to 160 km / h.

It does train tracks that compete with motor transport promotes green mobility in the country. At the same time, a number of new measures will improve the safety of the network through signal and telecommunication systems Replacement of existing railway crossings by 29 passages, pedestrian crossing and subway.

There is nothing new on the BDZ front, just the oldest problems

There is nothing new on the BDZ front, just the oldest problems

According to Rosen Zhailazkov, BDZ has no idea of ​​development

We remind members of the BDZ board of directors On November 7 he resigned. The chairman of the board, Velik Zanchev, was Deputy Transport Minister, Chief Executive Officer of Vladimir Vladimirov, and philosopher Philip Alexy.

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