Thursday , September 29 2022

Excellent! Concern comes to Bulgaria – Culture and Art


The American Disturbed Group is one of the most successful metal groups in the modern musical history. Since its inception in 1996, musicians have sold over 16 million albums and many fans around the world.

On October 19 of this year, Disturbed released its new album, Evolution, one of the best in its career. "You are not ready", lonely, is on top of Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and is the first day of four consecutive weeks. Spotify has five million listeners and Youtube has about seven million views.

Disturbed has released their world song tour, featuring new songs and their greatest hits, such as Down With The AIDS, The Fire Of Fire and Sound Of Silence. Fortunately, Bulgaria joins the tour, and the American team will be the first to see us in the Stone Mountain in 2019.

The Rock Festival will be held for the third consecutive year in the Plovdiv Decking Championship on Plovdiv 2019 – the European Capital of Culture Program on June 28, 29 and June 30. Organizers of the event informed that the festival will cost only 120 Levels of 1000 tickets. There are three-day tickets to the festival in Plovdiv.

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