Friday , August 19 2022

First negative interest rates on business-deposits – Business news


The first negative interest rates on deposits in Bulgaria appeared. They have a matured maturity date for business and EUR deposits. In October, according to BNB, the average annual interest rate dropped to minus 0.02%. BGN has a 0.09% yield. BGN and EUR deposits for households account for 0.17 and 0.21%.

According to the data, the average interest rate on consumer loans to households is increasing. They were exempted 8.61%. And mortgage loans are still low, and their share has dropped to 3.26% on average, if it is BGN and 3.93% in euro – 24 hours.

In October, the annual interest rate of BGN consumer loans rose to 10.65%. On the same day BGN mortgage loans dropped to 3.59%.


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