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Five meals for good memory – BLISTER


Oksana Skaltinsky, a nutritionist, says nutrition is crucial to keeping brain and stimulating it. It names 5 foods that are key to the brain's health.

Green vegetables

All of them contain vitamin K, which is essential for the formation of special fatty compounds that provide good functioning and memory of the urine cells.

Green green stones are still a source of vitamin B9 that is essential for the healthy birth of babies. The king of green leafy vegetables – broccoli.

Consumption: one cup per day, at least three times a day.

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Sea fish

Approximately 60% of our brain fat, half of which consists of omega-3 fatty acids. Encourages neuronal bonds with the latest anti-inflammatory effect.

Omega-3 oils live on the Japanese island of Okinawa for a long time and have rare mentally handicapped people.

Consumption level: 2-3 times a week. Small and medium sized fish should be preferred. Salmon fish has more omega-3 than thermal treatment.

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They are vitamin B4 – its deficiency in the human body is associated with disorders in the functioning of the nervous system, in particular with memory deterioration, depression and development of Alzheimer's, visual, auditory and other nerves atrophy.

Consumption level: one or two eggs.

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The human brain is about 2% of body weight, but can absorb about 50% of the body's oxygen at the time of breathing. This demonstrates the need for high energy in the nervous cells. Even if oxygen deficiency is low, it may have a negative effect on brain function.

Beads include important and useful nitrates that extend blood vessels, improve the carriage of oxygen to the brain, and help it to work more efficiently.

Consumption: half a cup of boiled beet, a raw spoon of raw beet or 2 tablespoons of beet juice.

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A high level of oxygen consumption in the brain stimulates a large number of free radicals. The deterioration of the abnormal activity is possible with the help of polyphenols – dark pigments in the strawberry. They have antioxidant properties.

Forest fruits only enhance cognitive functions – memory, attention, speech, and nerve cell protection.

Consumption level: one glass. Seasonal or frozen. There is no thermal treatment.

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