Wednesday , December 8 2021

In her new video, Iva Davidova


In general, Iva Davydova, who was dressed in her new video, was the premiere at Fan Fold TV today. The song "Bolashak" is a patriot, according to the text of the Bulgarian Patriarch Ivan Vasov. This project involves musicians from the Berkovska Spiritova Music, a talented performer, who is a partner in the work of Kaloyan Bakalov.

The film was shot by the director Nencho Kasamov in the last antique Roman fortress of Tsar Mali. The Chakar Voevoda Club, originated from Samakov, is a historical reconstruction of live pictures from the April Revolution. Since the first rebellion, the original replica of the Honshov Honey, as well as genuine weaponry, has been emphasized from the fight to liberate the Bulgarian. All participants wear clothes.

Iva Davydova plays the role of a general with weapons and weapons, he controls the Bulgarian weapons. Interestingly, the singer's husband takes the role of a Turk who shot in the battle.

"We have done something new for the Bulgarian music market so far. This product goes for genuine Bulgarian and patriots, not through the wave of patriotism, but through the veins! With 15 years of my professional history, I have proved that I did not sell Bulgarian folklore, traditions and traditions. I love Bulgaria! "Said Iva Davydova.

You can watch the movie on fan folk tv.

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