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In order to identify intellectual property owners (Overview)


Chairman of the National Cultural Committee Vecdi Rashidov said

The highly regarded media outlets of the Red Phillip Pop have falsely claimed the frauds of deputies who have taken the lie with talented qualities.

GERB Changes the Law on Electronic Communications and requires media owners to distribute false information. It was trained round the clock by the governing party. At present, the right of web-media ownership is determined not only when fraudulent, but also in the case of serious criminal offenses.

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The main representative of the GERB was categorical in "24 hours".

"These are not mass media, they are headaches. This is not freedom, but simplicity – the chairman of the relevant parliamentary committee for culture and media, Vezhdi Rashidov, fired before "24 hours". He continued, "You can not do it more quickly, not to punish yourself, but to make someone else's news about life."

His remarks came as a result of the debate over BSP's 36-year-old Philip Popov's colleague, HESS Desislava Atanasova, Delian Dobrev, Krasmin Vellev and Anton Todorov's colleagues. Having read articles published on anonymous websites such as Vale News and, he has received from the Commission the fight against corruption and illegal acquisition of property (CPCNPP) by four GERB politicians. "Corruption in words (not necessarily in truth)," says Vale Novosti, her head: "The production of false news and absolute inventions. This is not right. He also said that he would send a note to a Georgian liar about the Borisov Island and that his information would not be checked.

Popup signal-based information was downloaded from all sites yesterday. Vale News also clarified that it did not publish any specific information. This was due to the poor culture deputed by parliamentarians.

"We will rule out the rules based on media support. We make rules to know their owners

mass media

created for

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person. Know who fears and insults, "Rashidov said. After the adoption of two other laws, anti-counterfeiting legislation, including cultural heritage and copyright, enters the commission after its launch.

Recent changes to a number of laws have been prepared by members of the IMRO to deal with hidden news. In the party, they will be offered sites that are prohibited from covering them if they are abusive. For this purpose, each site has to place the information on the person who is the administrator, so it can be persecuted when the problem arises. Moreover, these pages, made exclusively for exciting and fascinating discoveries, will have to make it clear. A new change in the media law will allow electronic mass media to regulate online media content. All the mass media are still in IMRO Bill to create a public domain. The idea of ​​separating the media from other sites. So far the voivods domain .media, but note that it may change. In addition, enrollment in a public domain allows CEM to easily organize content in online versions. Last week, the IMRO project for the first time in the Committee on Culture of the Majilis.

Tsvetan Tsvetanov: There have been false stories in the country

"I go to all the settlements in the country. There are, of course, some tension that has succeeded by accumulating false stories that will allow me to reduce the percentage of oppositional opposition to sociological drilling. "

This was stated by the deputy head of the GERB and the leader of the parliamentary group of the party "Novaya TV". "In many cases, the information presented does not correspond to reality," he said in counterfeit news. And he said that the government was against its counterfeit news with their specific policies.

President of the National Electoral Staff Tsvetanov will arrive in our country on an uninterrupted visit.

Unlike BSP, GERB will fulfill its promises, he said.

In HERB, they are not concerned about the cabinet, but about early election reform delays. At present, the management program's priorities are being strictly implemented, Tsvetanov is strict.

BSP did not report – they wanted to know the truth or anonymous sites about lie parliamentarians

Another clear indication is that MPs have been engaged in business activities to verify pseudo-verbality. This is also a signal for them

"These sites do not need to be hidden or check for news. Publication is a signal in the sense of law. That is why we did not signal yesterday, and we asked them to check these positions – they were false, right, and so on. «

BSP MP Philip Popov responded to a 24-hour question on Wednesday, so the members of the party called on the Commission to address corruption and to obtain a false reference to false news stories (KPKONPI).

On Tuesday, Popov checked themselves at KPOONPI and asked deputies of HERB Dessislava Atanasova, Delian Dobrev, Krasmermir Velchev and Anton Todorov. They have apartments and offices in the Tsar Soko complex and others. According to Popov, the news was published in several media outlets, but did not name their names.

BSP expects to clarify the case against Vladislav Goranov's apartment. Slavi Trifonov and Sasha Donshev's "Sega" newspaper started that hour. The state budget was discussed, and the debate on the same day, which was the main stakeholder of the Finance Minister, broke out.

"The committee on the matter of three other deputies and one former party has to investigate this case," Popov explained.

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