Tuesday , August 16 2022

In the 23rd district of Bulgaria cold blizzards, breeze wind, and yellow


Today, the temperature in the country is rapidly falling and the Arctic air masses. In Northern Bulgaria maximum daily values ​​range from minus 5 ° to minus 2 °. In the southern part of the country, the highest temperature in the morning will be positive until 4 °, predicted by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

In East Bulgaria, the hurricane storm continues to stabilize in northeastern Northeast, and it continues to cool. On Saturday the lowest temperatures in the country will be minus 15 ° and minus 10 °.

Today, in the 23 districts, the yellow code was detected as a result of cold weather. There are storm hurricanes in Dobrich, Varna, Burgas, Yambol, Sliven, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Smolyandar.

In the afternoon, mainly in southern Bulgaria there will be snow, but the precipitations are weak and stop. In the second half of the day, in the western Bulgaria, clouds will even fall and fall.

The Black Sea coast is a strong wind to North-North-East winds. In the afternoon there will be heavy rains in the southern regions. Temperature decreases and can range from max. 1 to 2 °, but only in southern zones up to 5 °. The sea water temperature is 10-13 °. The sea wave is 4-5 points.

In the morning, there will be snow in the mountains, but it will stop in many places before noon. In the second half of the day the cloud over the western Bulgarian massive cloud collapses and collapses. In the Rilo-Rhodope region, at the end of the snow in Strandja and Saxar. It has a moderate impact on the north-east wind. The cooling will continue, the maximum temperature will be minus 4 ° at 1200 m and 2000 m – minus 8 °.

This night, stopping by car and buses on the Sofia-Varna route, snowing. The whole area between Sevlievo and Veliko Tarnovo was frozen.

Last night snow fell to Montana. Snow thickness is 27 cm.

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