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Ivan Ivanov – Gornaya Oryolvitsa's Vanski debut single


Ivan Ivanov – in the role of "other" – at the age of 18, Vanski, followed by musical accomplishments. In 2011, Eurovision Song Contest in Yerevan, Armenia, won the right to represent our country and took the 8th place. The young performer participates in the 4th season of the Big Hopes and the Voice of Bulgaria, and in 2012, Adam Lambert will surely see his talent and share his talent on his tweets.

"Unknown" – the first solo singer of Vansky, "My Sound World" is a production label of Lyubo Kirov. The music and the place of the song are for Boyan Hristov, and the text is composed by Boyan Hristov, Mikhail Filevo and Wanski.

The "Unknown" song of Vanski is a very special project because it is pop-music of the new generation. It is very important for me to support and execute young performers, "Lyubo Kirov acknowledges.

The image of the song is a wonderful product produced by Lucy Ilarionov. The filming process lasts for 14 hours, with the team taking up to 5 places. Winski's video footage is a pretty actress Lina Roskin.

"I always want to do this musical style. It's hard for every young performer to have his own favorite singer, and it is hard to believe that my favorite singer Lyubo Kirov will be able to go the chosen route. I am happy to be able to make an important project jointly. She took part in the song and song writing by Mikhail Phileva and Boyan Khristov, and added more to my song ".

The first solo singer of Wanski – the movie "Unknown" was on November 9 on television and also on the official YouTube channel of Virginia.

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