Saturday , April 1 2023

King's village succeeded by Balchik, Dobrujka shook Montanna


Tsarco Selo Chernomorets (Balchik) has made a new step in promoting the first league after winning the score 3: 1. The match went through the 21st round of the Second League, after which the "King" took the 12th place before the second Montanga, which lost 1: 2 points to the last Dobrudja home.

Luanda Wyana (20) and Georgii Michikov (35 years old) gave advance to Tsarisko. Valentin Yoskov (57) downgraded the score, but in the extra time, Nikolai Spasov's players were successful.

The first loss in the league after Montana's 1: 2 Dobrudja went home. On the 11th minute Vladimir Aitov opened the score, but the team of Emil Velev with Christian Grigorov (37 points) and Kabobola (75) had a great success.

In another match of the tournament, Locomotiv (Sofia) and Pomorie Nadezhda won – 1: 1. In the 29th minute, Bekir Rasim opened the score, but after a few seconds, Gihat Kayimil equalized.

Tsarco village is six in the season, the team is 38th in Locomotive (Sofia)

The village of Royale was six in the season and the team scored in 38 seconds

Hosts won 2-1

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