Friday , June 18 2021

Levski is expecting a "blue" answer from "Primera Liga" – Levski – BG Football

Levski has offered Antonio Cocan, a member of the new squad of the Primera Liga, who is not included in the plans of coach Sergio González, Valdóldo. According to information from Spain, Kotan received "Blue" and Cluj-Napoca. Her original desire was to pursue her career in Spain, and she did not yet answer Levski.
Also, Valladolid has a new contract with him, but for a year and a half Ketan is not in the team. The midfielder is 23, and last season he played 8 matches in the Segunda Division, with only three in the league. During this campaign, he did not even belong to the group. Otherwise, Kotan is a teenager in Seville. His career in Andalusia is basically the second team, but there are several battles in the championship.

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