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Liverpool in the middle of Paris – Soccer World – Listen to the guillotine playing in the Champions League


Liverpool suffered a third defeat in the Champions League group stage and after the attack. Last year's finalist, Paris Saint-Germain, lost to Park-de-Hende, scoring two goals (or 1-0) against Napoli in the last round.

When the resistance of the French Grand Prix Juan Bernat and Neyar fell, Brazil's most successful champion. Prior to the break, James Milner was fined, but in the second half of the season Mercerdown did not show anything worthy of going. Thus, if Sergei was severely defeated by Red Star, it would be a mistake if Georgina Klop and his sons did not score Napoli in the final game.

In the other match of the group, the Italians lost 3: 1.

At the 3th minute Liverpool Park saw that the Prince's hot atmosphere was not easy. Kilian Babe came out from the guard of Diane Lovren's penalty kick. The Croatian defender was back in time and was threatened with a sword in a timely manner. Only 3 minutes later, Angela Di Maria scored in the penalty area on the chest of Mabepa. Argentina is on diagonal, and Alison looks in the corner with an incredible plan.

The logic pressure of the hosts was 13 minutes. Toughwell's players won the field in the middle of Liverpool and Verratti was in good position to get Mabape in the penalty area. It is concentrated on the French herb, which has very poorly cleared Van Daique. Joe Gomez and Lovren did not attack Bernat in the final, and Bernat's opponent was in the lower right corner – 1: 0.

Liverpool woke up after the hit, and in most cases PSG allowed him to play ball. However, the players of Jorgens Klapper were in great condition because they had a great marriage. In their turn, Paris tried to attack a few, and in one of them at 31st, the miraculous result remained unchanged. Neymar and Kawani played well in the center, and the Brazilians entered the center. He joins Mabep with his left arm, who made an excellent attack on the herb that Wad Dyke Cavani missed. It's been some time before Uruguay has played a cartoon with Alice in the air.

After six minutes the beets could not save anything. The PSD was moving forward again, and the Leader once again went to the left side of the attack. With patience in the French field, Kawani found himself on the grass. This time Uruguay shot, Alison came up. The ball jumped two feet behind Nairar and the free-kick 2-0.

After the first half of Liverpool's rare attack, guests were allowed to penalize. Angela Di Maria was thrown to the sword only on the feet of Sadio Maña. He had waited for the authority of communication and tried to defend himself and fell back. Initially, referee Shimon Marcinzhak showed a corner kick, which led to a lot of "red" players' complaints. The Chief Referee received help from Buffon's door and eventually changed it. Thus, the state performer James Miller left the ball behind, and in the lower right corner Buffon was not allowed – 2: 1.

The second half started with a goal scored by PSG. Angela Di Maria has been hit by a direct attack from Paris's attack. Marguinus jumped and hit Alison in a stroke, and then he was burned by the false flag of the later judge. The decision was precisely because Liverpool successfully deployed Marginos and many other teams.

Liverpool then started publishing quite clearly, in his familiar press that he started with many headaches. Gradually, the owners began to crack down on solid defense blocks, and in the 60th minute, "Firkino" was unmatched by the score. Anddie Robertson made the right decision on the left, and left nine nearby "red" alone. He tried to hit the nearby corner, Buffon stared at the ball just above the attacking, not moving.

At the 70th minute, the PSG showed their visitors their own game, which was a threat to the statistical situation. In the briefest corner, Bábie went out into the air and leaned on Marcinus Lovren, 8-9 meters from the door, and burned her head. The shot was accurate, but Alison was in his place and saved.

At the end of the game, it turned out to be a real cats and mouse game – Liverpool continued to attack the team when more and more people sought the opportunity to fight against the PSG. 85th minute Killian Babe has been hit. Andrew's choice of Robertson to hold the sword was the only thing he did not allow to write in French. Soon after that, Tuchel decided to "close" the match and replaced him with much more defender Adrienne Rabio.

The first 5 minutes after Neimar Alicón scored an extremely dangerous shot. From 23 to 24 meters, Brazil fired into the wall and the ball went to the lower right corner. The goalkeeper of Liverpool made a decision and shot in a corner.


1: 0 Juan Bernat 13 & # 39;

2: 0 Neimar 37 & # 39;

2: 1 James Miller 45 + 1 & # 39; -penalty shootout

PSG (3-4-3): Gianluigi Buffon – Marquinos, Tiago Silva, Presel Kimpembe – Tillo Kerer, Marco Verrathi, Angel Di Maria (65 & # 39; Daniel Alves), Juan Bernat – Kilian Mabe (85 Adrien Rabbisi) Erik-Maxim Choupo-Moating) Neimar

Coach: Thomas Tulle

Liverpool (4-3-3): Jim Gomez, Diane Lovren, Virjil Van Dykk, Andrew Robertson – Giorgio Vanilleum (66 & # 39; – Navi Keyta), Jordan Henderson, James Milner (77 & # 39; George Shakurie – Daniel Sturridge), Sadio Mane

Coach: Jürgen Clop

Stadium: "Park de Paris" (Paris, France)

Chief Judge: Simon Margdinc (Poland)

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