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Mariana Nikolova was Vice Prime Minister Valery Simeonov (OBZOR)


November 22, 2018 | 05:37 | FOCUS News Agency

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    Mariana Nikolova was Vice Prime Minister Valery Simeonov (OBZOR)Photo: FOCUS News Agency

Sofia. 116 against, 62 opposed and abstained, the parliament approved the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simeonov and instead chose Mariana Nikolova. The draft resolution was sent to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's Parliamentary office. Valery Simeonov resigned on November 16th – after a protest against mothers of disabled children on October 26, he said in October that mothers were "sorry women" and their children could "be ill". Simeonov's resignation is the fifth in the post office of Borisov in the post of Minister Nikolai Petrov, Nikolay Nankov, Valentin Radenov and Ivailo Moskovsky.
Before voting, the governing and opposition parties began to engage in serious debates at the plenary session. At the start of the BSP's meeting in Bulgaria, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov demanded debates about the reasons for Simeonov's resignation. Opposition protested against the resignation of Emil Hristov, the chairwoman of the parliamentary assembly, although he wanted to speak. For his part, HERB said the opposition had reached the table after the debates ended.
There was a 15-minute break in which the meeting of the National Assembly's National Assembly was held. Then, even though the debate continued, it was closed earlier.
Nevertheless, the main purpose of the debate is to link the GERB and the BSP with resignation, which is related to politics, oligarchy and Bulgarian citizenship.
This statement was passed to Cornelius Nino, who said that the HERB Coalition – the "United Patriots" – was wrongly considered to be a result. He said that this was not a political coalition, but of power, money and posts. "Two years of instability in the country are scandals and instability in governance. Do you remember that the Coalition partners and ministers had raised some issues over the next two years?
HERB deputy Vecdi Rashidov asked BSP whether he or she had fought with facts or populism. "What kind of oligarchy you talk about, and you've missed a few lobbyists. Is not Nikolay Banov yours? Are you Vetko Arabadzhiev? Where does your husband work? What do you condemn these ministers? It's wrong to speak to a populist, "Rashidov said.
Ramadan Atalay's Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) says HERB has been under pressure from nationalists and how satisfied they are. According to him, the resignation of Valery Simeonov has not changed.
GERB Parliamentary Speaker Tsvetan Tsvetanov said that Valery Simeonov would abandon national interests and reduce tension in society.
As a member of the Europol board, Tsvetan Tsvetanov is asked a question from Ninova, a member of the European Union, to inform the Boiko Borisov government about the breakthrough in European security. The procedure for granting Bulgarian citizenship ends with a presidential decree.
The goal of the BPP theater was to discuss the candidacy of Mariana Nikolova, who had to discuss the Deputy Prime Minister, Krasimir Karakoganov, but the debate was to be turned into a cabinet. Deputy Prime Minister Nikolova did not raise any questions. "I believe that the new Deputy Prime Minister Marianna Nikolova is energetic in terms of demographic politics. The demographic crisis is the main problem of the Bulgarian people over the past 20 years, and if we do not take action, we will be the other government that has done nothing, "Karachanov said.
Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova explained to journalists after her oath that her priorities would be economic and demographic. She noted that she had the support of the Cabinet. "In my opinion, consistent policy led by the government will be continuous," Nikolova said. Asked to interview mothers of children with disabilities, he said that former Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simeonov resigned and if he did, he would be ready to do so. "My candidacy was distributed by the Coalition United Patriots, but I am going to a dialogue with every deputy. At present we do not know anything about it, "Nikolova said.

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