Sunday , August 7 2022

Media: Volkswagen is looking for a new car factory in Bulgaria


Volkswagen is planning to open a new plant in Eastern Europe, and potential capabilities of Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania – Automobilwoche.

On November 18, Volkswagen General Director Herbert Dice said that after 2022, the car maker would look for a new plant in Eastern Europe to start the assembly of Skoda and Seat.

This will be the sharp internal struggle of the company. The Union of German workers in Volkswagen is competing with Skoda for managing the new plant.

It plans to work from 4,000 to 5,000 employees. Provision of assembly lines through Skoda Carro and Seat Saeka.

Volkswagen has confirmed the transfer of the Passat limousine production to the Czech Republic. But low cost models are cheap production and cheap destinations.

In addition, one of the company's engines in Poland or Hungary will be upgraded at a car assembly plant.

The reason for these actions of Volkswagen is that, by 2022, 34 billion. They will switch to electric cars investing in the euro. They gather in factories in Germany.

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