Tuesday , August 16 2022

Nasko Kouleva showed her newborn and turned to her newborn baby: "This beautiful woman" (BLOSTER) – BLISTER


Winner of the last VIP season, Atanas Kolev, can boast a younger younger than his ex-wife, Maria Iliev.

Less than a month after his departure, Nasko was able to introduce his new wife. The young rapper and future doctor placed a picture of beauty in his image. "To the newly infected, crunchy, dyed, scratched, nailed, modified babies:" Is this a beautiful woman? "Wrote Kuleev.

The new favorite of the Barna rapper is Lora Marinova. He does not know about it, except for Varna. The beauty profile is locked and only her friends can see her photos.

In addition to photos, Laura has clear hair, blue eyes and a thick lips that are natural, but Kuleev is convinced, as she regards these "stupid" ladies.

Photo: The Telegraph Newspaper

Later, the photo was removed from Kalev's "Istargram" profile.

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