Saturday , May 28 2022

Not FCA, Morinho can write for insult


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The Football Association of England (FA) in October decided to refrain from being punished for Jose Mourinho's attack on Manchester United in Newcastle against October.

The Portuguese manager was accused of "abusing the humor" in the direction of the television camera when the "red devils" played "black and white". United won the score 3: 2, 0-2 at the old stadium.

On October 31, the independent commission found Mourinho not responsible.

"The football association complains about Jose Mourinho's decision," said the English football club.

The Independent Commission is of opinion that Mourinho "uses oral spoken words in Portuguese," but "unquestionable words" are frequently seen in football and are heard frequently.

Jose Mourinho is accused of violating the Football Association.

"We have noticed that he won those words without resorting to a particular person," said the commission's commission, together with the Portuguese manager of the commission.

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