Sunday , August 7 2022

Oscar Winner For Lexus ES (Video)


Japanese Lexus brand – a brand known for its leadership in technological innovation, explores the new features of filmmaking with the launch of the "Intuitive Hydraulic" – a completely written advertising video with artificial intelligence (AI). The film follows Kevin MacDonald's "Scotland's Last King", Whitney Houston's autobiographies and an Oscar-nominated "One Day in September."

The first collaboration between artificial intelligence (AI) and known Tacum Master was to examine how people and machines can work in a harmonious combination, explore the importance of relationships between the two countries, and Lexus ES new business sedan. The result is an impressive Short Drama: A one-minute movie about the story of Lexus Tacum Magistr, which ends car careers in the car and is in danger of being abandoned by the newest Lexus ES in the world. During the difficult period, the emergency shutdown system is interconnected to save the situation, showing the effectiveness of the intuitive technology introduced in the car.

Innovative and creative approach to the project fully complies with the quality of the new ES that immediately responds to the driver's intentions and constantly changing traffic and traffic patterns. This is fundamentally reflected in the flexibility, stability and power of the new ES-K (Global Architecture-K) platform, as well as the Intelligent Operation of Lexus Safety System +. They recognize the danger and start the braking, turning, and signaling to the driver automatically to prevent accidents or reduce the risk of stroke.

Lexus & Partnership London collaborates with Visual Audio, which creates an artificial intelligence scenario with IBM Watson that lets you analyze external audio, textual and visual data, and conclude about things that satisfy your content. and artificial intelligence can help the audience to contribute to the creation of scenarios that can be emotionally reasonable and interesting.

To make the original story, AI has been "trained" with fashionable and significant car ads that have won the prestigious international Cannes Lions Awards over the last 15 years. AI is also "loaded" with emotional confidential information through the Unruly video platform for "learning" which affects most viewers, and understanding how actions, objects, places, and emotions are used in various combinations and sequences. notification of desired messages.

When you use a lot of information about older ads, it's important to avoid the danger of developing something that is familiar or of a very broad range of sounds. Thus, artificial intelligence has additional Lexus data, as well as the project guide for storing the original scenario, as well as the brand tone.

McDonald immediately responds to the commentary and acknowledges the need for a non-traditional view of the film: "When I give the script, I believe in the potential of the melodrama in history. Artificial Intelligence ("AI") brings a sensitive "martial arts" to a friendly car, and then escaped to the sun until the day of emotional action of the digital platform. A great way to make AI history is an effective way to explain human emotions, but it's still insufficient to make the movie really immoral. "

The founder of the Visual Audio Project, Alex Nuland, said: "The project is a very difficult and deep impression, and I'm glad to be part of it. From the beginning it was impossible to know what quality or reasonableness level can be achieved through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The project is very satisfying and interesting for such a rich experience. We believe that this project will move the content of artificial intelligence to the beginning of independent, independent creative work. "

In order to pay more attention to the "intuitive" aspect of the incident, "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) received "smart" exercises after the experiment conducted by the MindX Applied Sciences Department of Australia's New South West University. The study explores how a person is intuitive and influences people with high sensitivity to car ads.

The result is a realistic human-emotional scenario that one man writes and does not divide some unexpected details. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to treat human behavior, for example, when it comes to safe cynicism, to safeguard the safety of the disaster, car behavior and amazing emotional depth.

Dave Bedwood, Partner of The & Partnership, said: "I thought I would like to advertise AI. Instead of artificial intelligence, he wrote a script that describes the story of a living car. At present, the work of artificial intelligence has been interesting for the process; because the final product is in a good way.

Lexus Europe's senior customer and brand manager Vincent Tagell says: "Lexus goes beyond the technology and loves design borders, so we wanted to do something different to launch the first thing in the world – the Lexus ES. ES is intuitive and innovative, so we wanted to show this ad. The film received artificial intelligence (AI) – its creativity exceeded our expectations for human emotions. "

Riza Medway, Watson's media entertainment expert, said: "We congratulate Lexus, Visual Voice and The @ Partnership for using Watson AI's power and analytics for the first time as a springboard for the creative process. Storytelling Magic will always be in the creative process of man, and how and through which Watson will be a partner in the era of Artificial Intelligence to determine the common attributes of creative work. It was a privilege to be part of this process. "

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