Saturday , June 19 2021

Plevneliev and Dasi Banova are happy to Vasko Petrov – Culture

Rosen Plevneliev and his wife, Diniy Banova, were among the audience "Synatra: Vegas 2", which was again a world-class artist. The Bulgarian Synatra is depicted in the style of James Bond and Ethan Hans, and then in NDK No. 1, where Antony Donchev and "Missing Mission". The Vasco microphone has received 12 balls from the Fangy monkeys for the biggest jazz hit, as well as the choreographer Alex Enewa. Ms. Syllabus … Mihaela Filleva joined Bang Bang – it is not as impressive as the dancers do, revealing their beautiful shapes and legs. Vasco told him and the young lady that the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra had debuted as a duet with Michel Logan's Philharmonic Orchestra, and then played Big Splendid as Shelly Bassy. The singer Gershwin wrote an ethno-opera from Porji and Pes and Cole Cole Porter wrote, "I've got you under the skin." "When I was with me at the World Congress of Doctors, the gentleman came to me and said, 'Is our anthem? "She replied," Yes. She did not know what to say about her, and she explained that she was the play of Cole Porter. This is a very realistic situation, "Vasko said. He also hosted two guests – Orlin Pavlov and Bruce Johnson. In different configurations, they fly to the moon and the Ols Rivers – joined Bruce Messi, but he worked hard in London. 11-year-old Valery Stoyanova played piano, performed Liza Stensfield's "Everything in the World", Bruce Johnson sang her song with magic. Vasco was adrenaline with New York City, New York City, My Country, strangers at night. He also congratulated Las Vegas for the truly dreamy city and Los Angeles. My lady. "

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