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Professor Angela Kunchev: In October, we offer over 150,000 flu vaccines


We will lose epidemiologists, viruses, microbiologists. Last absurd: RHI's experienced medical inspector for 50% higher wages will go to work in grade 12, says Dr. Angela Kunchev, Bulgaria's Chief State Health Inspector.

– Associate Professor Kunchev, the influenza of the 2018/2019 influenza is currently dying, but manufacturers are preparing a recipe for the next epidemic vaccine. Are free immunities to persons older than 65 years old?

– The National Program has been adopted and has the tendency to force the technical procedures to take effect in the next season. We expect the vaccine to be available since October, when an effective influenza prophylaxis commenced.

Provision of vaccine against flu, which is important in terms of technological time, and on the other hand,


this is an antigip

the product is short

expiration date

– Companies are not limited to seasonal vaccines because they are not used the following.

– Is there a need for 65+ free pharmacies in our country?

– No. Importers plan to release the market. A.

For the program





we are planning to provide about 10% of targeted people – about 150,000 people in the first year, but we expect it to grow in the coming years and by 25% by 2022.

– Is the expected change in the immunization schedule possible by the start of the program?

– It takes a long time. At the end of the month we will create a working group on changes. It is prepared

3 updates

in the area


she has received an expert opinion.

– What is consensus?

Reduction of BCG by one consumption, contraindication of one vaccine against pneumococcus is a scheme that combines vaccine with two European countries, primarily a national antidepressant program. We are discussing a potential issue



against rash,

because in Europe and in our country, there are often older people.

– Now before the beetle restoration – What is the outcome of the discussion until children are 12 years old?

"We do not cut our age.

In some countries

Make the next one

dose of vaccine

against measles

6 years old


but in our country we chose the period that should be the same as in many European countries. We also consulted with the World Health Organization, and we discussed the issue of whether any changes were caused by side effects. We share the viewpoint in order not to change anything. In fact, it is important that the first 13 months vaccine should include all children.

– How do you expect the development of beetle bumps in Bulgaria?

– It is difficult to make some estimates. I hope I will disappear, but now he runs, figuratively speaking,

field test

its system

it will be clear

what really is

In Bulgaria.

You will see how far they have been made, and there are fake immunities they have about, how were they?

Beetrophy is an infectious disease that does not infect 100 people with virus immunity. Currently unhealthy children and adults are ill. If you look at your personal circumstances, there are all the available spaces.

– For example?

– For example, a child with an immunization age suffered from measles and said that his doctor had been ill and had not been cured. Along with many patients, she went on a week with good health for her immunization for 1 month and 8 months. This is a personal matter

very often


is expanding


for vaccination.

– Will cooling cause postponement of immunization?

– Simple cold water with atmospheric temperatures is not a barrier, but postponement is made for parents in addition to calmness. In some cases, misinterpretations are used to avoid the Decree.

Now more than 100 beetles, many of them children, have a negative trend – parents are looking for children to vaccinate their children. The problem is, why our lessons need to be learned with difficulty.

– Do we have other non-scientific studies in the field of epidemiology?

– Staff is a big problem. We quickly lose our expertise – all regions are left without epidemiologists, microbiologists, and virologist doctors. Due to the big difference in payment, young doctors are not included in these structures for years. And with the amendment of the Law on Civil Servants

only in the system

medical examinations

we lost in 150

highly specialized

retired experts.

The most important thing is that places will be reduced. If the system does not intensify rapidly, it will be deleted.

– It is paradoxical – do you say that doctors are insufficient, but are you talking about reducing staff?

– The paradox is based on a magic circle. As they say, there are vacancies, so they do not need them, so they reduce them. And the vacancy is empty, because wages and conditions are unpleasant. That's why we are dealing with a low deficit of health care systems, and we cut numbers. We lose people and the system is full. The last case of leakage of specialists is special. The Regional Director of Health Inspectorate in Bourgas told me about the incident of absurdity. His best experienced medical inspector works as a keeper with a 50% higher salary than RHI.

– Does this mean that the population's health and prevention programs are required?

– Prevention is the best "treatment", so you need to spend a lot of money from the health budget. There are many ideas, financing is always a problem. Often, such projects are supported by the support of equipment and supplies procurement projects. Access to such funds is not bad, but it is not enough.

There are many industries, including vaccines required for work. This is my personal belief

with force

and coercion

not available

the best


The biggest achievement in medicine is vaccine. Every parent needs the best of his children, and one should be sure that one of these good things is vaccines.

Our Canadian colleagues introduced us to a big project on improving motherhood health from mothers' homes. This idea is to know how to exercise

midwives yes

to give


available and




which also leads to a proper approach to the prevention of vaccine. In some countries, the project is currently expanding with European countries. We applied, but we do not know if we approve of joining.

Another meeting in autumn is a great forum for the fight against zoonotic diseases – all human and animal diseases and all 5 epidemiology and infectious diseases of all medical units.



training programs

they work with more knowledge about vaccines and their role in public health as well as antecedent.

"Are the doctors now ambassadors?"

– Many people are really worried. But we have doctors, they just do not try to convince their parents, but they exclude vaccines, their replacement with homeopathy, and so on.

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