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Rome Vacation


The "Romance Vacation" is a great masterpiece because it is so fortunate. Maybe not enough. The film is a romantic comedy, but it's not exactly sweet in your tongue, but it's full of Rome.

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One of the coolest stories about princesses, but with an unexpected ending. It's like a fairy tale, but retrospective.

In the movie "The Prince" in Europe, Odie Hepbern (Princess Anne) decides to revolt and flee against his protected life and royal duties. He runs through the isolated world of the tsarist prison to amaze his prince before the American journalist journalist Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck).

Rome. For one day. At night. He does everything he wants to do.

"I always can do whatever I want.

How are

Oh, you can not imagine me – I did what I liked the whole day.

With Rome.

Let's have a look at the "bucket list" when it comes to the events that will change your life experience – for each of us.

Rome was in the mine. Last year. It was part of my tradition to find new places on my birthday. Rome is included in the "bucket list" every year because it's just awesome.

Good wines, great food, stories and past, buildings, opera, and art. Rome is everything, a lot. Cosmopolitan, but stylish, light vintage, the city fascinates.

The meeting with me started on November 1. 3 days before my birthday.

We decided to fly to Wizzair, why not. The transfer promised to go to the door really left us in Rome and said, "Just move forward.

And we left. It will rain. We went a long way. Then he stopped. Then it dropped again.

It was an adventure, because the old little streets dropped off to coax the wheels of the wheel to make it go smoothly, which made my girlfriend a nightmare.

Remember – one woman, on her birthday, somewhere, and only one Swiss. Can he keep everything?

To be honest, usually such things make me unreasonable, but this day with me, skiing, rain and noise can not break my mood.

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

Although the streets were old but mass buildings with "old" rainfall, making them unpleasant, slightly rubbish and slightly resinous, then we went to the airport oasis and loved our suitcase for Rome.

Failure. Forever.

We reached the bridge or, as I said later, bridge bridge, Ponte Systo.

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

The distance from the river to the river of Tiberias surprises. The bridge, old, has a romantic past passion that has all Rome and is a few poetic.

I am happy. Bridge. It looks like motion pictures.

We crossed the bridge and entered another small area. But we knew where we were.


In the next 10 days, we will be the place where we will be the "seat" in Rome.

It will rain. Again. So much. We crossed the squared area, and we really liked the movie characters, like a huge suitcase of twenty pounds, raining and laughing.

We waited for this rain to pass through one of the palaces of this palace (here more) in this magnificent medieval neighborhood.

Millions of umbrellas and language racers passed through us. They were just students or tourists.

Maybe we lived half an hour in the courtyard of the palace. The light of the sun shone well into the evening and some of them were afraid to rush to Rome, to scatter the sparkling hair and come to congratulate us.

It's about 10 o'clock. Maybe later.

Our stay in the apartment was supposed to be done in the daytime, but I did not want to send any of this city, so we called. And they said, "It's not a problem, it's very Italian."

Via Riari was in the corner and at the end of the street in our apartment.

The apartment was large. It's too big.

The sculptural solutions that attract you to the door welcomed you, and then there was a long steel bridge connecting the kitchen to the hotel and a swimming pool among them.

I knew about the pool, and hoped it would be warmer. It was November. I thought of some romantic things – wine, lamps, dinner, jazz and pool. But, unfortunately, this year was not.


Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

The place looks like a gallery. Wide, full of art – modern, classic, elegant Italian garden, magnificent spiral staircase and stone table.

It was a wonderful Italian location.

The owners told us about the history of this renovated Patrizio Romano apartment, which has appeared in several magazines such as Elle Decor and Rome Houses.

"You are one of the 10 most beautiful apartments in Rome", and, as they say, now there is a former church bell, wherever the pool is now.

We have equipment for the door. We were at home.


Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

In the heart of Trastevere.

For me, this is the most beautiful neighborhood in Rome – a bit tired, but still fascinates the card.

Trastevere, filled with sun gorges, streets, streets, peacocks, Renaissance buildings, is a barrier for visitors to Mecca.

The Trastevere is like a small oasis of all good things – from night-time musicians playing on the field every night at night, and playing loud music up to all the short or long drinks through noisy entertainment events.

Below are some tips: If you want the trip time, go to the southern and western parts of TrastevereNot the thickest streets of Roman times in the 1960s and 1970s, but so far away from the past.


Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

On my birthday I saw this city:

Breakfast for pizza

To be honest, I'm not a pizza. And Rome – maybe not a pizza capital. They say it is Naples, but here pizza is better than everywhere and in Florence and Tuscany.

However, if you are a pizza, try the pizza pizza al taglio, which is a large hip in Rome and a modern pizza of the classic Rome or Napoli pizza – the possibilities are endless.

For me this is just a place: La Boccacia Trastevere. Here are the masters of this pizza al taglio, but not the focal point. Only prepare Italian fresh products on-site and cook directly from the oven.

In your presentation, there are a few small, small, small jewelry that can be easily reviewed and missed, but that's a big mistake.

They exist every day More than 20 different flash drives, and cherry tomatoes and basilica are incredibly phenomenal, if you choose, ask for advice.

Staff are very polite and help you. What you should not miss – "pizza badger". She asked him to add Nutela.

Rome has no good way to feed enough food.

Boccacia at Trastevere

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

Wheels in Rome

There are many ways to go to Rome, but for me the Scoutrum tour was good.

If you have experience with scouts, but you do not have them, Giovanni and Annie are kind and friendly, but with the driver, it's a great way to enjoy the city.

And there are some drawbacks – you are sitting at the back seat of a scooter with a stranger. But you are in Rome.

Giovanni and Annie are two super guys who run the excursion.

There are several suggestions for choosing from their network.

We chose Scooteroma Shuffle. Normally, I could not decide which one to choose for me, so I chose to choose:

Classic – their most famous, ancient Rome where new, contemporary, modern day vision. At the end of the tour was to reach the highest peak in Rome, which was a spectacular city;

Food – You will be able to go to bars, markets and restaurants that are not in the great part of the city and require transportation and strength to find them. One of the oldest bakeries in the city, the Testaccio market is a small part of this Roman treasure;

Street Art – In addition to this new type of boom in Rome, this tour shows you the story of a feather and its relation to today's Rome;

Short – The Roman wheels are very interesting. And very beautiful.

Wheels in Rome

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

Lunch or dinner. Your call

Options are infinite. Rome is a place of ice. And Trastway is glacier. The unlimited choice of pasta 's al dente, the spoonful of macaroni – the bad taste and the Italian style, so do not forget, and the tyramidus is the taste of the taste.

But on November 4, 2017, we chose the Alla Rampa table.

If you decide to explore the "Spanish staircase" and the surrounding streets, this restaurant is very convenient. The big noise from the staircase is closed in Minyonelli's small square, an Italian restaurant.

The whole area of ​​the color is lit by beautiful sunshine and you can listen to Italian music, and you have a sense of nutrition everywhere in Rome.

Traditionally, people drinking antipaster, macaroni, some basic and dessert drank.

The choice of Italian wines is very good, they offer excellent "Tenuta".

God Rampa

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

Spanish ladder

Interestingly, the French proposed a plan to build Spanish stages in the 17th century. Francisco de Saintes has been hired and has been built with the use of step-by-step ladders with 137 steps.

These stairs are a symbol of peace between the Spaniards (below) and the French (above the square).

For me, the stairs for most Roma lovers are the most romantic place in the city. Of course, very popular, super-shot, very well done.

Stairs are forbidden to eat and drink.

In May, they are decorated with beautiful azaleas and fashion shows once a year.

End or end of staircase (Viewpoint) "Spain" field – It is located in the 17th century on behalf of the Embassy of Spain in Piazza di Spagna.

On the square above the stairs, the church is called Trinita dei Monti. There is a huge monument before him and it is called. The column "Immocola", which was brought to the square in 1857

Spanish Stages

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

Villa Medici is on one square.

Looking at two towers, each of them has its own watch – one is the French time and the other is Italian.

Through Marguta

Your favorite street in Rome. Palazzi-rich palaces, boggy plants, decorative flowers, engravings on marble slabs and stunning but beautiful fountain.

Today's street has protected many antique shops, art galleries and small boutiques.

He names the hairdresser's family in the sixteenth century, but in reality it has always been associated with art and artists.

Even Picasso himself worked in the Gallery No. 54, and the first Italian futurists were there in 1917.

That is why I love this apartment on the 51st apartment – the apartment of Joe Bradley's "Rome Vacation". Here, Audrey Hepbern and Gregory Peck listened to the fresh emotions it made the place a legend.

The decor of the apartment and the stairs of the roll are a scene from the film, but everything, with the yard, is very clear and still.

It comes through a wooden arch and at the right of the yard is a "studio of the artist" in the cinema, with an eagle statue at the entrance to the courtyard leading to another yard. In the film, Joe gives money to Anna, and you can see the tunnel "home with a terrace".

To see the door of Jo's apartment, he climbed several steps to the right. As for Joe's terrace, we were only one moment away from Anne and Joe.

After the movie appeared on the screen, the real estate prices on this street were so great that the apartment became the biggest attraction in Rome.

Fellini is part of Via Margutta's life until his death in 1993. She lives with his wife at number 110.

Through Marguta

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

Borghese Gallery

If you want to go to Borghese Gallery or rename it to the popular, then my answer is: Obligatory! Dislike!

This gallery is absolutely necessary in Rome!

We also went Museums of the Vatican and Capito's and if you only have to choose one, it will be Borghese's gallery.

Borghese Gallery

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova


1. Good, because it's the place with the most sophisticated works Caravaggio and Bernini. To be honest, I am not a big fan of the sculpture, I love art, but when I see the Bernie's masterpieces, I adore it.

They were like the truth.

You must pause Paola Borghese from Canoa. You have a feeling that at any moment it will leave the false layer and leave.

Each bed of the actual bed looks like a white velvet a few minutes ago.

2. This gallery, which existsone of the best collections of art in the worldword, architecture, sculpture and fine arts.

The building itself is a masterpiece.

3. Only 360 people are allowed to go. Arrival time is in real time and real time, which makes the gallery very enjoyable because there are no crowd and moments for air breathing.

It was one of the most unpleasant feelings for me when I went to the Vatican museums. Many people and many people who lose the joy of exhibits will disappear immediately.

For comparison, visitors to the Vatican have about 30,000 visitors per day.

4. The gallery itself is located in Villa Borghese, it is a beautiful, picturesque beautiful park. You can see the sculptures in the gallery's garden to go through its alleys and visit any of your own movies.

Borghese Gallery

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

Triamis for dinner @ Crazia – Graziella

Both words define this place – traditionally based on the creativity of its owners. "Grazia e Graziella" is my beloved favorite.

Their motto is "Smile" (laughs English).

Grazia is the grandfather and guilty of unique recipes here, Grazzella said that this is a traditional Italian bicycle.

The oldest style of this place is the renovation of the 1960s and 1970s and turns it into a favorite place with delicious food and warm welcome (glass of red wine and smile).

Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

I won with a tiramis.

Until Rome, I did not eat such tiramisu. And after Grazia e Graziella I did not live for tiramisu.

Here, he serves glass as he is creamy, fluffy, super-fluffy and delicate, magic for food. Sufficient coffee and enough rum.

Great glass glass glass with a hectare.

Live music in Alcazar

My birthday ended here.

The former cinema has become a cool place for live music, restaurant and bar. Perhaps this color and color is one of the most popular points on Trastus' map.

Rather than erasing the past, the new owners can use their basic features and history to feel the relationships they make with the cinema.

There are also red velvet chairs on the ground, which are specifically for the movie theater to be erased when it comes to concerts.

At weekends (like my birthday), the site was not popular, new and super jazz names.

The scene from the stage is good, and the atmosphere is alive – this mega.

Yes, it's super full, but it's dancing all night long and celebrating life.


Photo: Stefi Dimitrova

If Alcásar loved Rome well for the night, I promised him: «Buonanote, Rome».

* Good night, Rome! You're fantastic! I'll be back in a few hours!

Stefi Dimitrova is one of the newest additions to the author #URBN. She lives in Istanbul, loves autumn, and snobs when it comes to tea. She works full-time for dolce far niente and writes a few moments because she loves words. You can find it in Instagram.

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