Saturday , June 25 2022

Sassuolo and Lazio have won


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Sassuolo finished with a 1: 1 score from Lazio, and both together won the sixth place. Lazio is in the fourth place among Milan and Juventus, Sasuio is in the 6th place.

Marco Parollo was previously found in Lazio, but the home team went out through Gianmarco Ferrari. Thanks to the victory, the home team scored equal points with Lazio.

Lucas Alberto and Lucius Alberto returned to Lazio, but Felipe Caesedo and Martin Casares were injured. Sasso played Levski's former footballer, Mehdi Burabiya.

The first version of the game was for Sassuio, Kevin-Prince Botteng attacked Stefano Sansi, but his shot hit. On the 7th minute, Ciro Immobile again showed Louis van Gotta, after Luci Alberto, to the gate of Ganmarco Ferrari. But Marco Parrolo takes the ball to the door.

Ferrari was very disappointed, but he was happy to come back in the 15th minute. Paul Lirol leaves the corner and Ferrari defeated Seoul Lulich 1: 1.

Then Sassouolo got into control of the game and Manuel Locatil fled because of his shooting. Domenico Berardi was defeated, but his feet climbed to the bar. At the 30th minute and Immobil attacked, the ball went up to the sidewalk.

The pace of the second half was much quieter, but the threshold of Thomas Strošosha Lazio had to defend the bombs at the lower corner of Arbor Dankan.

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