Wednesday , October 5 2022

The puppets again complained in other cities


Motorways "Lulin" and "Strum" they are back again blocked Daskalvo road network, BNR reports. In the third row they gathered the Perchnyans, expressed their dissatisfaction with living standards. Hundreds of demonstrators again demanded the resignation of the government.

The approach to travel is prohibited from all directions by different countries. Today's protest has been sloganed under the motto "Resignation of the Government, all for Bulgaria".

At 20.15 the protesters lifted the fence and released the movement. The military protested without protest "Return!" And "Mafia!". Participants called it "our power!" and "People's Peace".

Lulin motorway was ablaze and robbery was abandoned. blockade, children with cars and emergencies.

The building of Pernik city and regional administration is surrounded by protesters. After the collapse of the Lulein highway, the protesters go to Peck Center. In half an hour, she was surrounded by a police station guarded by police. The protesters fought until the government refused and called on law enforcement officials to seize a helmet. The protest was completed in 22 minutes. Protesters have heard the words "Allarlar, batyrs!", "Bravo, Pernik!" and "Heart and soul to Bulgaria!".

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminds that the protesters do not block roads

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminds that the protesters do not block roads

Rallies are allowed

A hundred people came to the main street Sliven.

There were several dozen people Burgas "Mafia!" And "Resign!"

C Gabrovo The protest against the low level of living has reached 50 people. Hiking made it difficult for the city center to take a few minutes. Participants called on the government to think about those who were elected. Young unsatisfied young people demanded a decent life and future for their children. "Stopping the protest is not a protest, but for Bulgaria," she complained.

C Star Zagoras More than 100 people took part in the protests and brought the hotel, where Zhivko Todorov, akim of Almaty, reported on his activity. The rallies led by Metropolitan Modrici to Kuzeva Avenue and left the Christopus Botev street and went to the hotel where the Mayor's report was presented. Although they did not allow the turn to the right, the protesters went to where Zhivko Todorov, his team, HERB deputies and other party politicians had left. Mayor Sarah met face-to-face with Zagor's opponents. There was a talk between him and the protesters. The protests in Stara Zagora will continue tomorrow.

And tonight it is Yambol with a protest march involving dozens of people.

Protest against fuel prices and Valery Simeonov's stay in the country

Protest against fuel prices and Valery Simeonov's stay in the country

On the 23rd day, mothers of children with disabilities demanded resignation of Simeonov

Dobrich protesters ceased following the warning that Mayor Yordan Djordanov would be illegal without any notice to the municipality. The organizers promised to make a statement tomorrow to resume the demonstrations.

In Veliko Tarnovo, the protest was terminated before the Competition Protection Commission.

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