Friday , July 30 2021

Top Nova TV channel correspondent waits for a millionaire baby – lifestyle lifestyle, diet, health and fashion news

On Coffee show reporter Zeineb Majurova is expecting a child from her old friend, Stoyan Balevsky.

A Bourgasian Turkish woman is charging a pregnant and millionaire heir in the fifth month with her daughter at the beginning of the winter, and the friends of the spouses are delighted.

For a long time, Cizu did not appear on Nova TV as his relatives invited him. She shared with her social networking friends frequently engaged in private activities, but the reason for her absence was already clear. Blond takes the baby in her womb, so she takes a long vacation and is still thinking of going back to the show.

Mazurova may have been on the island of Phuket. She was with her friend at the end of March, and then the Gala correspondent was out of sight. Sabi is expected to be born in early December, and future parents should not think about it yet.

They also planned a wedding – a common celebration within the immediate family circle, as Majurova's pregnancy was rising and she did not want to appear publicly in great discomfort. The blonde, still trying to conceal the fact that the baby was waiting, shared the joyful news with only the closest people.

34-year-old beauty rises in the first season of Big Brother. Her period was established in early December, and her child's sex was determined shortly after the careful examination.


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