Friday , February 3 2023

Valery Simeonov's resignation is mandatory, he will late and will not solve any problem


Sofia. The protests in the country do not go down at night. In the morning, the Minister of Internal Affairs gave an interview to the TV channel Mladen Marinov Some protests in the past were pre-emptied and organized, while others did not. According to him, in all places there is a good public order, with some exception. "Pernik has blocked the road infrastructure of Lulein and the intersection of the road in Dragicevo. In Varna, a 19-year-old man has been subjected to criminal penalties for physical abuse, a robbery attack, and an attempt by police to evacuate. The law has been enacted and applied, "the Minister explained.
After a while, at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Domestic Security and Public Order, Minister Marinov said that he did not share information on the payment of the protest, but was engaged in checking various signals.
Director of National Police, Senior Assistant. Commissioner Christ of Terzianski 150 Gendarmerie employees were sent to the Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad, Pernik and Plovdiv districts. According to him, the organization created to ensure the protest is made of very flexible and routine estimates.
At 11:00 Shumen citizens complained to the municipality that asked for more income, better living conditions and standards. Shortly afterwards, they stopped by the suburbs and walked along the pedestrian crossing. Their protests were opposed to the situation in the country. Protesters protested in Bulgaria and other countries to improve their income and living conditions for their children. There were questions of justice and punished for the errors of the transitional period. Protesters complained that the mayor was to receive them and that it would be November 26. At present, protesters have come to the district authorities and have access. District governor Stefan Zhelew met them at the square in front of the office building. People asked why low wages in Shumen, high taxes, why the city was released, and so on. Akim of the district offered to speak to the representatives of the protesters in the office, as they all answered. The "Return" started, and in a short time the voltage increased. As a result, the governor accepted several mothers in the office. After a while the protesters met with the mayor of Shumen. At around 18.30 pm there was a protest action again. It took place at the Crystal Square.
Mayor of the city mayor Dobrich Yardor Yard urged protesters to observe the law and the protest in the established order. After a while, it was clear that the protest was canceled against poor quality of life, high prices and low earnings. The reason was the failure to comply with the notice of the municipality. In the central part of the city there were fewer citizens. They said that they would be in the next few days and that further alerts would be made.
C Sofia as well as the protest action, but mothers of disabled children. Protests on the Independence Square were called "resignation". Traditionally, "Prince Alexander Dononov" and "Tsar Osoboditel" boulevards were on the move. The presence of police in this area has increased. Mothers of children with disabilities appealed to the Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simeonov for the 24th time. Their protests moved from the Nezavisimost Square to Todor Alexandrov. «Lulin», «Tsaritsa Yoanna» boulevard, «Dzhagarhalal Neru» prospect and vice versa. This demanded the closure of the intersection at Tsaritsa Joanna Street and at the intersection of Pancho Vladigerov Avenue. Buses 42, 108 and 11 were detained. At about 7 pm the protestors stopped Todor's Alexandrov Boulevard and Vardar Streets. Their run was gradual.
Int Varna Nearly 200 people in the cathedral protested against the high fuel prices and low living standards in the country. Protests were attended by representatives of different motorcycles in the city. About an hour after the cathedral was assembled, the demonstrators in Varna blocked the traffic. The site has more than 400 people. Together with the songs "Mafia" and "Retirement" they go to the municipality. Many wear tribal and posters. Some of them require Valery Simeonov and the whole government to resign. After some time, more than 600 municipalities stopped their traffic at the intersection. The crowds returned to the starting point of the cathedral church's displeasure. Representatives of the municipality complained that on the streets and tomorrow at 18.30 the fuel prices will fall, the Deputy Prime Minister Valery Simeonov and the government will resign. Starting with the cathedral, the protesters go to Vladislav Varnnychik Avenue at the intersection of Otets Paisii. Traffic blocked. The boulevard is an asphalt worker with horns in front of the bus station. Dozens of police officers go along with protesters. Three hours later, the protest ended at the head of the Hemis monastery. Protesters go to the largest petrol station, where they complain about other fuel prices and mafia.
C Sliven dozens of people have been gathered to protest the ongoing events in the country – a lack of funds for people with disabilities, fuel prices and insurance. Protesters wore posters on their backs, bowed their national breath, and shouted "retirement." The rally started at 18:00 in front of the Haji Dimitar monument and the reconstruction of Sliven. About 40 minutes later, the marches passed through the front of the municipality of Sliven, at the intersection of Rivier Garda. Then the protesters returned to the same path.
Residents Peck The traffic in Dascalwo once again blocked traffic. The rebound passed through Malo Buccino. OMPI-Pernik said the protests could not be toughened, and that it was peaceful and calm. At 20.15 the protesters lifted the fence and released the movement. Yesterday's protests did not begin with the words "resignation" and "mafia." The blockaded cars and children crash fell. Minutes before 21:00, protest march towards the city center. The gendarmerie, with its shields, retains the building of the municipality, where the administration building is located.
C Burgas About 30 people have been gathered in front of a municipal building, complaining about the decline in living standards in Bulgaria. The dissatisfaction of the protesters is caused by low incomes, high consumer bills and higher fuel prices. In their opinion, these are the main reasons why the Bulgarian people choose to live abroad. The protest was attended by people of different ages – young people, pensioners and mothers with children. "There are no jobs in the country, there are jobs. The success of the population does not include the vital needs of life. We want to return our children to Bulgaria, "said one of the protesters Toni Stamboleva. Police surveillance has also intensified in front of the city administration building.
C Dupnica About 30 people have been summoned for an improvised protest. People gathered at a large grocery store parking lot. The Regional Office of the Ministry of the Interior was Dupnica. Some people took the flag of Bulgaria, and the main protests were related to the high cost of fuel. The people did not stop the movement in the city.
A group of about 25-30 protesters tried to block Kyustana – Promahon border post. As a result of their actions, light and commercial vehicles have been formed in both directions.
C Gabrovo About 50 people walked the pedestrian march, which in a matter of minutes blocked the movement of the city center.
C Star Zagoras More than 100 people took part in protests. The protesters crossed the city square and crossed Kosovo Street from Metro and turned to Christov Botev Street.
C Yambol as well as a protest march passed through the central streets of the city.

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