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20 Not everything is quick and funny about movies

Fast and horrible one of the most interesting film festivals today. Special fans are forgetting that several classmates are just some of Hollywood's starred, as well as those who are dreaming of franchisees with their boxing-office power, and sometimes fans are beginning to play as an undercover police researcher on street competitions. Since then, he has tried to take the audience through everything from the genre to the genre, one of the series's most up-to-date series of ocean-going submarines, from the rear of the aircraft.

Generally, the series is dynamic, understandable, fans, old and new, trying to get facts about the series. It's too strange to be talking, talking times (it's not that complicated, but we'll get it back), or the future of the general franchise, can not anyone really condemn fans for putting their questions? Fast and horrible movies. Therefore, as we put a record directly or in this franchising case, as the series goes on to narrow the lineup for some fans of some fans, including the return of heroes in the world's biggest racing franchise, and the other advances in the movie and worrying about it, the end of the series .

That is why this trip can only be reached by the tramp (it is in the car by falling in the buildings) 20 Not everything is quick and funny about movies.

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20 Franchising was named after another film

In 1955, the legendary producer, Roger Chorman, directed the film "Oscar" directed by John Ireland and an actor, Dorothy Malone, a Oscar-winning shadow driver. Later she gets a woman's Jaguar sports car and goes with her, and both are in love with the movie. Movie name Fast and horrible.

Although the 1955 film was completely different from the 2001 film, the same thing happened to Kormen's hand in both projects because it had to be licensed to use the universal "blockbuster franchise" soon. When the first movie was running out of the police to make it ridiculous, in the series, young Dominic can show a Letty's car.

19 Life has been lost due to dinner

Unfortunately, events in the cinemas are a recurring trend in the movie industry, while others have lost their lives in the crew. Last year Fate of difficulty No one has ever seen a dead person, nor is he called Jupiter.

Although the crew was shot down in Iceland, a part of the artificial iceberg was hit by a strong wind, with Jupiter and at least one more horse remaining. It affected the end of Jupiter and the horse had to be shot. Another horse was injured, but not harsh. Correspondingly TMZ, was able to cover the cost of the insurance and the broken fence.

18 Wyn Diesel and Paul Walker have not always been with the series

Paul Walker and Wyn Diesel have always been two main stars Fast and horrible franchising, but this does not mean that they are always compatible.

Paul Walker said Los Angeles Times it did not appear in 2006 Fast and Dense: The Tokyo Drift because "politics, studios, [and] As to diesel, he did not return to 2003 2 Fast 2 Furious (though not less than $ 20 million), and disliking the scenario and focusing on it in 2004 Ridd's chronicle. In fact, it was the only reason Tokyo drift to have rights Riddick and the symbol. Expressing his dissatisfaction with the fans, Diesel returned to franchisees in 2009 Fast and horrible, Woker was invited to travel.

17 Several key points were true

The opinions of many audiences Fast and horrible The films are his wild symbols, many of them think that "there is no truth".

However, fans are surprised to learn how amazing the characters really are. Telegraph Camaro yacht jump 2 Fast 2 Furious, tanker burglary Fast and horrible, as well as many skyscrapers Horror 7 There is a danger of reality. One of the most memorable brands of franchise is the car's revenue Horror 7, as the noisy co-ordinators of the film said. For the first time, the scene has two separate shells designed to capture the aircraft in the Arizona Desert, and the other lifted ground several feet before landing down the safe ground. Is not the movie's magic incredible?

16 Luke Hobbes is not always considered for rock

As Johnson Dwayne's "Rock" is a film, the US diplomatic security service, Luke Hobbes Fast Five, she was one of the favorite heroes of franchise. However, in fact, different actors with different calibers come to the role of Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones.

Wyn Diesel, a thank-youtube fan, made his video of his support for Johnson's transfer to Johnson's gratitude for supporting his career. "There was a girl named Jenny Kelly, who said:" I want to see [you and Johnson] we work together, "he said. Though Johnson won like Luke Hobbes, Jones should be thinking of what Hobbes would be like if he brought his prestigious actor to his role.

15 The franchisee's crew has to do with real street raiders

Despite being a major part of street racing, and behind the inspiration Fast and horrible franchising, and fans should remember that this is usually prohibited. However, this filmmaker, Rob Cohen, did not stop making realistic streets for the first movie set.

In fact, Cohen has urged more than 200 raiders to help the movie's racing scenes, and he has made sure of these competitions. Unfortunately, it was a bit more true for the viewers because the popularity of the movie increased the real number of street competitions (we hope that no one will duplicate the end of the movie!). Remember: this movie may sound cool, but it will not be good.

14 Lucas Black is expected to return

Yet Fast and Dense: The Tokyo Drift The series of films looks like black sheep, thanks to its impressive moving scenes and leading performance like Lucas Black Sean Boswell.

Inside Horror 7Blackberry made an amazing como to help restore the time series, but much later. Since then, many fans have probably thought that Boswell was the last to see. However, in the interview Toronto San, Chris Morgan, writer of the series, "has plans for wearing" and said that fans "have not seen the last". IMDb as well as an actor who heard him in 2020 Fast and Horror 9.

13 Some actors have no driver license

Everyone who runs a series of movie cars around the same car will be able to drive. But, surprisingly, this did not happen Fast and horrible. Series Series Series Michel Rodrigues and Jordana Brewster did not have driver licenses issued in 2001. Fast and horrible, so each of them needed a test. Brewster said, "There were hours" VH1. "If I did not get a license, I was not insured for the movie."

Difficulties with licensing continued in the following film: Devon Aoki (model Suki), an actress / model, also had no license Fortunately, all actresses were properly trained and later tear off the tracks (at least on the bigger screen).

12 The series has received some major awards

However Fast and horrible Franchising has won awards for several MTV Movie, Teen Choice and Saturn Awards, and some fans feel that the series deserves a high criterion. Vin Diesel even supported Horror 7 Best Picture in the Oscars category.

Unfortunately, such premier film companies as Oscar and BAFTA Awards often maintain distance from franchise. Fast five Awarded in the nomination "Critics' Choice" in the category "Best Film" Drive), both Fast and Woe 6 and Angered 7 The SAG Award nomination was awarded for the best performance of the ensemble "Sturm" in the film. Wife Khalifa and Charlie Pough's "I See You" Single's Wife Even Succeeded Horror 7 The nomination "Golden Globe" for the best original song. Although the song has not won yet, he has won the critics' selection.

11 Fast Five was not the first major achievement of franchising

The Fast and horrible franchising has already become self-made, especially in the last two films, about $ 1 billion. Many fans say Fast five The seventh place in 2011 was $ 626 million. Box Office Mojo.

However, the series has since become a bank. Fast and horrible spent $ 207 million on $ 38 million in the budget, and the budget was twice as high as $ 30 million in the past. Yes, Tokyo drift was generally regarded as disappointment, but Fast and horrible It has surprised everyone by earning $ 363 million. What can you expect from the series of eighth high-level movies of all time?

10 Actors have not always been together

Family is an important subject Fast and horrible franchising, but artists in the main series are not always close in real life.

When taking a picture Fate of difficulty, Duane Johnson invited several men to social media. Although he did not say who he was, many of the insults were shown by a leading man, Vincent Diesel. Although the situation persists for some time, The Rock has shown that it has not taken any scenes with the actor. Along with the rebels of Thur Gibson, which denotes Johnson's personal animosity, there are some attacks on the The Rock & # 39; s entertainment philosophy. The recent comment that Johnson is "one-sided" with the Gibson team may soon be the next game, even though it has recently been dropped out.

9 Some films were planned to go back

Filming movies in franchising is important, but playing back movies is not always a bad idea to make great stories about each product. They make them faster, save money for a long time, and divide it into two and talk about something bigger. Even though Fast and horrible The only franchisee in several films has made two films an art contender.

Correspondingly Los Angeles Times, The Universal Pictures movie shot what happened Fast and Woe 6 and Horror 7 In the back, with both director Justin Lin. Even though there was no reverse, the films were technically intertwined, as the film of Decker Shaw's sixth film was about to be filmed.

8 Franchising is more than just a movie

Very heavy Fast and horrible Although fans know about several series of video games and theme parks, some still have not heard about the latest franchise achievements.

Live fast and horrible it is making a tour around the world since January and holds the audience in the midst of movies, "the most intriguing dance of films is displayed on the epic arena." He also released the Netflix animation series released by DreamWorks Animation Television, and long-term franchise producers Vin Diesel, Chris Morgan and Nil H. Moritz. The series controls the teenage daughter of Dom's cousin, Tony, who joins his friends in introducing the "League of elite league for the front of a criminal organization against the global anti-corruption". Who knows what will happen next in the franchise?

7 The race is part of the series

However Fast and horrible The series began as street racing franchise, which has since become more focused on the car and has become even more spy and spy topics (hereafter). Nevertheless, the series has not forgotten its roots as it has been proven in recent films.

Finally Fast five, Brian selected a domain line for running on the tropical beach Fast and Woe 6, Amtyasyac Letty complains to Dom in the street racing competitions in London. However, this is possible Fate of difficulty he has the biggest backbone of original films, as he opens with the help of a Dom Racer shark shark in Hawaii to help his cousin.

6 The turnarounds have already been discussed

After the popularity of Luke Hobbes (Dwayne Johnson) and Declard Show (Jason Stackham) Fate of difficulty, Released two movies for the 2019 movie. While many fans have shown that this series is the first step in the spread of the series, other films have been discussed at least two years ago Hobbes and Shows published.

In 2015, Vin Diesel talked Variety he used to write about "scenes for different characters" and "long time". "We talk about how we can expand franchising now," added Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langlili. "This ensemble has been set up and there is a room for the characters to come out." Perhaps Helen Mirren can use her role as an eighth film.

5 The chronological order of franchise is not complicated

Some franchising have shortened the time, but this is not one of them. While the first two films are made chronologically (at least in the present), fans who watch movies in their own way, are impressed by the Khan. Fast and Dense: The Tokyo Drift, looks alive and well Fast five. However, the answer is simple.

The fourth, fifth and sixth films will be held later 2 Fast 2 Furiousexcepting Fast and Woe 6on the stage of common credit. This is the full version of the khan's death Tokyo drift then takes place Fast and Woe 6. Horror 7 then after the Khan's departure, and also shows Dom's time in Tokyo Tokyo drift. After completion Horror 7, franchising should be flat in terms of chronology, or perhaps only now.

4 Sometimes, some actors will provide details about some details in the dark

While actors are sometimes close to producing films, they do not mean that they know everything that's going on in the movies.

Michel Rodriguez knows his hero is dead Fast and horrible It was not necessarily stable, and he did not expect to see Letty at the end Fast five because he was not invited to shoot any scenes. "I went to the theater and did not know it until I saw it," he said Yahoo! Movies. In addition, Jordana Brewster spoke VH1 he did not know that he would "tear it down" at the end Fast And Difficulty 6. Actors feel like they make their movie as many fans: you do not know what will happen next.

3 Franchising is not just for auto lovers

When Fast and horrible It was released in 2001, if the French audience was composed of car enthusiasts in the near future, this was due to the attention of the movie to the entertainment machines and competitions. Fortunately, the former director of the former Universal Pictures, Adam Fogelson, and former co-chair Donna Langliet, have sought to emerge from a series of potential films and have come up with the first "hill" of the first few films.

"We wanted to see him do it, or to see if he could do some part of the movie. French communication, Bourne Identity, [and] Italian work"said Fogelson For it, Fast five is seen as a starting point for franchise films, and many fans are no longer happy.

2 Brian O'Connor can come back

Paul Walker's 2013 performance was a great impression Fast and horrible fans, crew and franchise itself. Later Horror 7 Walker's brothers, Cody and Caleb, served as stands to help end the film. Brian O'Connor has a beautiful blow on Konner, but the absence of Walker is still the feeling of publicity.

However, Walker's brothers say that Conner can still come back for the camouflage, so they "really know that his fans are still there." "I was ringing for an hour with Wen, and we talked about it for a while," said Caleb. ET. While some fans found this unnecessary, Cody ensured Universal Pictures would do just like "respecting Paul and his statue and his family."

1 The end of the series is scheduled

Many fans are delighted to see Dominic Toreto and his fast-moving adventures, but the world's surviving family has been going on for several years, and the end of the series may be closer to theirs.

Talk Colliderproducer Neal H. Moritz says: "We have a franchising ending point, but we do not know yet." In 2016, Win Diesel will be the latest movie on Instagram's 10th installment (released today in 2021 and dedicated to the 20th anniversary of franchising). Бұл негізгі оқиғалардың соңғы бөлігі бола тұра, жақында жариялаған сериялы серия (және Universal Pictures компаниясы жоспарлағандар) бірнеше жылдар бойы франчайзинг жүргізе алады.

Жанкүйерлердің бұл туралы жаңсақ пікірін білесіз бе? Жылдам және қасіретін франшиза? Төмендегі ескертулерде бізге хабарлаңыз!

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