Thursday , August 18 2022

51K high without wind, strong snowfall P.E.I.


Winter storm P.E.I. This reduces the power supply and it only deteriorates.

The winter hurricane warning will remain in force for all provinces, and the weather has confirmed power consumers around 46,000 Tengiz. Breaks from 9 to 9 ranged from 5,000 to 11,000, but then increased to 36,000, and from 10:45 to 51,000.

English and French school boards on the island were closed.

  • See the full list of Storm Center deletion.
  • Cancellation by calling 1-877-236-9350.

Regional public service and UPEI representative offices are delayed. The Dutch college campus was closed in the daytime.

The East King community center has opened a warming center.

Northumberland Ferrers missed his day and restrictions on the Confederation bridge took place, while the wind in the Normandy style was 100 km / h. At the conference, the Confederation bridge stated that there were restrictions on Friday at 5 pm.

The situation in Charlottes was sweaty and slippery. (Kevin Yarr / CBC)

Some flights to Charlottetown are delayed or delayed.

According to RCMP in China, several cars in the Wayne Valley have fallen out of the way. In most Charlottes at 8 o'clock the power was switched off. Drivers should know that these traffic lights will not work.

Also, the drivers warn you to avoid electric lines. He went on line 2 at Summerside, between East Drive and Central Street, and the other at Springfield, West Leary Road.

Strong wind, heavy snow

According to CBC meteorologist Jay Scott, this hurricane is a major problem in the wind.

"The snow is not very heavy – it's very heavy, it's snowy, but snowfall, heavy snowfall, and strong wind have been a problem," Scotland says.

Kathy Law photographed these pillars on the road to Charlottesville Sherwood, which returned home from night shift. (Katie Loe / Facebook)

At night the wind will be intensifying for 100 km / h, and even in the evening will increase to 80 km / h.

Planning dispatchers notify not only the weakness of the weather, but also the reduction of roads on the roads in the districts of Prince and Queenstown.

Electric motorway crew

Maritime Electric has stopped operating since April 3, and has been on the track since then.

Offshore electrician spokesman Kim Griffin has said that he has been helping people know what information they can get about the victims, especially in terms of electricity cuts.

It was a morning breakfast Thursday morning with many prince Edward. (Jessica Doria-Brown)

"If we have other issues, they can tell us the call," Griffin said.

«[Downed power lines are] it is very important for us. They act immediately. We classify them as extreme situations, and make sure that they are not energized, and no one engages with them. «

According to Griffin, if the authorities are restored, nothing will be said. Bad snow and strong wind are a good combination to save electricity.

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