Friday , May 14 2021

A quadronitic meteor shower was installed in Vancouver this January to electrify

In December, Vancouverer Gameed surprised the meteor shower. however, local residents will enjoy the first meteor shower in 2019, the Quadrantid meteor shower at the beginning of the new year all over the sky.

Although the display does not extend to some of the rest of the table, it's no wonder. In fact, it can be said that the narrow peak represents a spectacular view of the brightest and most beautiful meteorites.

Quadrandidic meteor shower
Enjoy nightly attacking under the twilight of a silhouette of a pair of stars and a starry shower

However, despite the short peak, in the meteor shower, there are meteors of the greatest "fire" that are often more vivid and long-lasting than the famous meteor.

How long will the glowing show last?

However, for several hours, stars can see about 120 meteors during the night of January 3 to January 4. In the northern hemisphere, spectators have a chance to observe the shower as their bright spot is north of the sky.

Because of their speed, these surprising meteors leave clear roads. It should be noted that star nuts should be far away from city lights so as not to allow easy air pollution, which excludes the clarity of heavenly bodies. It works well at remote locations, but it also provides great viewing conditions anywhere with high altitudes.

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