Sunday , August 7 2022

A secondary school in Calgary has been destroyed by a graffiti focused on a Resource Officer from Calgary School


When on Wednesday morning at the Middle School for Students, the vandals went to school.

Black graffiti closes school walls and windows.

According to students, the black note, which comes in the campus and presents the "comp" grades, addresses the school's residents and the police about the rules relating to the school's proprietary rights.

"It was our consti- tional and accepted the palms for people, and I think that's all about it," said Jason McLee, Grade 10 student. – I did not expect to go so far.

Elementary school in Calgary was opposed to racial and homophobic graffiti

Morning Tide Morning Morning Morning or Morning Morning Legs The Calgary Education Department reported to Calgary Police and called immediate cleaning crews.

According to the Calgary police, "The service offends the school's Resource Officer to contribute to ensuring that the school is a healthy environment for the Calgary youth."

"School Resources Officers teach young people how to make good choices in schools and help build safe and healthy environment for all learners. Instead of finding a more constructive way to solve the problem, it's a pity that someone chose this approach to express themselves.

Some students laugh when they grab their phones to take pictures, but for most students, graffiti makes them a bit tastier.

"It's useless and immature for us, and a very bad example," said Heyale Sanford, of the 10th grade student.

"I think it's smart and honest," another student, Gabe Katikic, said. – It does not respect.

The event is the latest incident seen in several Calendars in the schools of Calgary.

Last week, the St. Catherine School was pushing for homophobic ghosts and the Douglasdall school was identified as part of a vandalism attack that crossed tires on the streets of the streets.

The tires collided, the school graffiti was sparked vigorously in the south-eastern Calgary vandalism spy

But according to the CBE, events in schools are rising.

"With over 250 schools and buildings in the city, the Calgary Education Council is constantly creating graffiti on our sites," a CBE spokesman told Global News. "We have not seen any recent graffiti activity."

Notwithstanding any of the suspects, according to the law of Calgary, any person who is liable may be fined 2,500 to $ 5,000.

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