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According to Sinopoli, "Redblacks" are far different from previous ones


Now he has received a separate equipment to put the shelf, Brad Synophi has taken part in the Sunday – he has received a great prize.

There is little attention to the synophi, the CFL's most prestigious Canadian Thursday Thursday award ceremony. A full pair of players playing for Calgary Stampeders in the Sunday Gray Cup Cup for Sinopoli and Redblacks. It will be a reflection of the Fifth Five Purple Cup, which has won the championship among Calgary (2014) and Ottawa (2016).

"My first coup, it feels like a breeze, it moves fast," says Synoply. "Now we have passed through this, knowing what we are expecting, and knowing how to handle the time. That's fun.

Sinopoli is part of a potential explosive Redblacks crime this season, scoring 24-14 and 27-3 points in two games against Calgary. Many things have changed since then.

"Ottawa Redblacks" Brad Cynopolis Defender of the Montreal Alouettes team in the second half of CFL football, against Ottawa Redblacks, Montreal, Friday, July 6, 2018.

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"Offshore, finding yourself, helping you find out what you really are and try to be really good," says Sinopoli. "We did not play twice for the first time. At the beginning of the year, we could not complete the drivers, so we could not finish it in the last zone. The past two games, we did it very well. (Quarterback Trevor (Harris) plays the best football in his life, and guys have come into their role. "

Sinopoli, who asked to compare the team of the year with the gray Cup 2016, said: "We are just like we did. We did not have the best season in 2016 (8-9-1 on a regular season), but we united in time. We always felt like we were playing a chip on our shoulders, as it seems. Both teams had faith and confidence. "

On the other side of the wedge, there is a very good Stampeders team with a record 13-5 season fight.

"They were a very good football team," says Sinopoli. "We are a good team. (Coach) Rick (Campbell): "It's not marathon, it's sprint." Put yourself in the position to enter the playoffs, go to the gray cruise … and, as you have seen in the last few years, anyone who can cope with Sunday. We did it and we kept ourselves in good condition. Now we have to go out and play a really good game.

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