Friday , June 18 2021

Adam Levin's Stroke "One Voice" Strikes by Supporting Other Teams

Adam Lewin decided to make the final episode very difficult Voice.

Both of them ManThe rest of the team members – Reagan's country and DeAndre Nico – they were injured in the lower three, only one was able to reach the semi-finals.

Each of the three below three participants had a chance to sing for the last time in America to succeed Reagan He did not do it.

Later DeAndre performed, Man she sang a song like "champagne", but then voted for America to vote Reagan instead.

"At the moment there is a talented little girl who is incapable of fighting this show at the show, Man said. "It was too small for me to listen to her heart without trying to get her to resign next week and not to recapture her."

Man she is the father of two young girls and she has not said it was the first time DeAndre located at the bottom.

"I had to fight for my daughter" Man added. "I propose him right now because he has no opportunity to use his voice today, so I use it, and I can be sure that he can do it next week."

The fans were shocked ManHe condemned his words and accused him of choosing his beloved, while others supported him. Reagan.

Reagan Instant Save received very close votes. Here are the top 8 best players in the semifinals next week.

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