Saturday , June 3 2023

After finishing the Canadian bill of lading after the end of the evening work


Law enforcement officials were admitted to a special session at Saturday morning.

Bill C-89 voted in the third reading from 166 to 43 votes.

The Senate is preparing for a bill on Saturday, if needed, on Sunday, and will come into force in the second half of the day after the royal accord.

Ottawa as well as small towns in Ontario and British Columbia, as well as the ultimate goal of the Union of Post Workers of the Union of Sherbrooke, Que, Canada.

Despite the fact that Labor Minister Patiha Hyundai has signed the law, Canada has urged the post and CUPW to remain at the negotiating table.

"They can still make a deal," he said.

Labor, Employment and Labor Minister Patricia Heidi will discuss Friday in Ottawa legislation. (Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press)

Hydu: "Of course, we want the parties to be able to negotiate with each other, but we have to be ready for action if it is not possible."

Hyundai called the delivery of mail as "important service" and said that small businessmen who trust the delivery of their leisure time to the Christmas season have been bankrupt if they do not quickly fix the situation.

"When I say small, it really is a little. I know that Marmalade or handmade goods are sold, this is the best time of the year, and if they can not do that at the right time, they may be fine at the end of their business. «

NAP, labor leaders are inconsistent with the law

Labor leaders and new democrats have blamed the government for violating the collective bargaining process. The government has removed all incentives for the Canadian Post, and now the Agency is aware that employees know that they will be ordered to work next week and that they will reach a negotiated agreement.

"The right to strike is an integral part of collective bargaining," says President of Canadian Labor Congress Hassan Jussuf. "Without it, the employer does not encourage a fair deal, and workers do not demand a fair trial."

The Canadian Post office must have been convinced that Prime Minister Justin Treudo would not be unemployed illegally in Christmas, CUPW President Mike Palen said.

Members of the Canadian Postal Workers Union will be holding the public office of Catherine McKenna, the Minister of Environmental Protection in Ottawa on Friday. (Fred Chartran / Canadian Press)

"Mail is moving, people know it," he said. "People have delivered their mail and online orders, which is a tactic of the rotating strike and did not fight the society."

Leader of Democratic Party Yagmat Singh accused Liberalism of exercising collective bargaining by introducing laws that do not contradict "the worst, most upright" law.

"They showed their true face … this government is not a friend of those who work," Singh said.

NDP Leader Yagmat Singh thanked members of the Canadian Post organization after a press conference in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press)

The new democrat voted against the movement's efforts to speed up the debate on post-election legislation. After a large number of voting, he left Commmono and extended his greetings to the post office employees who viewed the public gallery. Outgoing voicemails were not counted.

There are six new democrats in the chamber – a small party representative will be able to speak in the bill after a quick debate.

Constitutional matters

CUPW considers the bill to be unconstitutional and there is a threat to its suit.

The trade union has appealed to the former conservative government in 2011 against a labor law applicable to postal workers. The court decided in 2016 to abolish the strike of workers, which violated their right to freedom of association and freedom of expression.

Haidoo says his bill "takes notice" from the "heavy hand" approach adopted by the Harper government and takes into account issues such as Union Post and Canada Post.

But two independent senators, Franc Lankin and Diane Griffin expressed their concern over Haidoo's concern that the law could not be constitutional. The couple said that Heidi did not compromise the Charter on Rights and Freedoms at the government's request, but said he would not be involved in Friday's Friday prayers.

Watch: Canadian strike in Moncton

Canadian attack on Moncton. Canada Post has turned thousands of allied workers into action on its fifth week, and there is no breakthrough in contract negotiations. 0:30

CUPW members spent a rotating round of one month, so the mailboxes and packages were mass-liquidated in mailboxes, but how large is the Canadian Post and trade union dispute.

According to the Canadian post, it can take a few weeks, or even until 2019, at the major sorting centers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

50,000 members of the CUPW are required to pay for both rural and suburban carriers, work safety and minimum guaranteed hours.

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