Detroit Lyons quartet Matthew Stafford, in Beijing, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Chicago, 23-16, lost the month after the media reported.
Dave Birkin, Detroit Free Press

Officially formalized now. You are free. Released.

Do not worry about math opportunities. Reading Tournaments. If so, think Detroit Lions beat the bear, LA Raam can blow, roll over, and …

Here. Let it go. If desired, some juices – better cherries, apples or pumpkin. Make a sandwich of the rest sandwich for any NFL soccer game this weekend and skiing.

Well, find a new group within the next five weeks. Secure the card to the wall. Clear Charge. Run your finger to the nearest city. Cheerful. You have not landed in Detroit, and in this case, dump the disease again.

Indeed, it is time for people to think about the project. About free agents. About the entrance to the shovel. In fact, it does not include Lions on the following five Sunday.

Look, I'll take it. You watched the game against Chicago on Thursday. Tradition and everything. Sometimes the lions will surprise you.

Basically, they do what they did on Thursday they are 23-16 years old, when they are exposed to the bear: Close. Give you hope. Fourth, remove the six sections in the middle. Then, he says it's not okay after finishing.

Rinse. Washing.

The problem will never be pure. You are on the same cycle.

Think about this: When I first heard of Mitchell Trubitsky, the most promising young referee in Chicago, I could not play the injury he thought you'd … Matt Flynn.

Recognize it.

Do you remember him? In 2012, when Aaron Rogers had a backup, Lions entered Lambeau Field as a favorite and Flynn set a franchise record for the yard – 480, and the touch probe was six.

Only lions. Matt (expletive) Flynn.

If you say it slowly enough, it looks like much – Chase … Daniel.

Daniel did not set up a franchise record in Ford Field on Thursday afternoon. But his productivity was well-known.

Here he began his first game four years later. He thrusts his hand over his shoulder and takes it. There are no interruptions for removing two tapes and doing what you can for it.

Indeed, it is important to avoid breaks. One team dropped out on Thursday. This team has lost.

But in order to get another heartbeat, you can not eat enough, over-cooked, artificially grown, Turkish-dairy dishes that your team enjoys for other national fans.

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As I said earlier, it's time to take a look at Kansas City's awesome squared Patrick Mahoms or Rar's second-year caller Jared Hoff.

This is where Rams arrives on Sunday for two days at Ford Field, which promises to work at least on the one hand. Good news – it does not interest you at that moment.

This will help you If you cross the head coach with the same quotation marks:

"We have to return to work and return to work. We have to do a lot, have a lot to improve, and things we are constantly trying to improve. We do not have much time to regret ourselves. «

History: The Lyon thanks only for going to the Day of Turkey in Chicago

Not for Matt Patricia. But what about you? There it is. Forgive yourself for your own choice. You found it.

It's just not worth spending much time. There are many other teams there. Teams are fun. Commands for removing the field. Teams with more than 30 points.

Teams will not be able to handle enough, they will give you hope and will lose enough to break it. Week of the Week.

So accept one. Temporary. Even if you can not really throw those lions out.

I also want to see college games. I dreamed about the next lion. Probably the potential free agent training is in the free press, of course.

Perhaps, in the next season, let's see who can call and that some kind of crime may look different.

If you need it, see Lions in other ways. It's all right.

But do so in a personal mood and psychological security. When refusing to think about mathematics, the lions must play-offs.

It will not happen. Not this year. He lost everything on Thursday and decided everything.

You are free.


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