Saturday , April 1 2023

Apex Legends Ready to Start Big Battle Pass – TechCrunch


Apex Legends two months ago amazed the gaming world and brought a new breakthrough to the Battle Royale genre that attracted 50 million players.

At first, it was unable to reach a low price – EA reportedly paid $ 1 million for Ninja. But now the question is, is that Respawn can not preserve and change their new, legitimate legion players.

Fortunately, for Respawn, Fortnite provided a game for monetization for this type of game and offered a game for free and profitable from the virtual merchandise store and Battle Pass. The concept of the Battle Pass allows users to reach the level of skin, skincare and other cosmetics.

"Apex Legends", however, has a unique opportunity to make Battle Pass even more attractive. Now, this option is called Oktan.

She heard Oktan be a hero of the game. We do not know anything for a certain thing, but people who have been labeled and photographed have assured that Oktan has a stimulating style that will enable him to increase the speed of traffic for his health, which is another battlefield that allows him to recover his health.

But when his words are to be answered, his words will have a profound effect on people. Oktan's highest capacity can be considered as a start-up platform, which will turn the entire team (and one of the enemy) into battle.

There is one interesting turn. When we were waiting for the Battle Pass, Respawn scored the same score on the map around the Marketplace. These are static starters, but they still work.

The question arises: is it only a self-sustaining statistical map, or is it testing Octan's final abilities? In any case, an exciting opportunity for Oktand – Respawn and Apex Battle Pass.

Apex Legends is able to present new characters as part of the Apex Battle Pass because characters of the characters are based on the unique skills, the heroic system leading to weapons and games. It is devoid of Fortnite virtual products, no playground, and is only cosmetic.

A new hero filled with skills and abilities that will succeed you can significantly reduce FOMO among those who have not made any decision on the battlefield. New creators of new content and weapons campuses call for a new wave of growth, as the main user base is resumed. However, it is difficult to balance the time needed to engage in work.

Respawn may work in a game that is already running. The explosion of the game has led to more serious server problems and has later continued to attack the players.

As we have already said, the Reevegraine is well aware of the pressure, and some consider it to be overdue to provide a combat-proof paste. This is a game that is currently waiting.

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