Saturday , June 19 2021

Are we strangers among us? The Earth has already been visited or is now a NASA scientist 1 NEWS

Is it possible that the planet's system was recently discovered as twice as many as our own, could it be possible for the alien race to go beyond our understanding, or even to return to the Earth again?

Scientist NASA Silvano P. Colombano recently published a scientific article in which the American space agency offers a "new," aggressive "approach to the search for outer space on Earth.

"Considering that technological progress in our civilization has just begun about 10 years ago and has seen the rise of scientific methodologies over the last 500 years, we believe that in the next millennium, there may even be a real problem in forecasting technological evolution. This amount is not 6 million times! "Wrote Colomboono, a NASA Ames Research Center in California.

"On the basis of these figures, I think we should come back to our most precious assumptions (it is impossible or unlikely to travel on the interstellar track)."

Despite our understanding of distance and energy and physics, this journey is not possible for us, but there is still room for advanced "man-made energy and space-time management" in the former societies.

Other assumptions that need to be addressed are that intelligent civilization can be based on carbon-like life and can be detected by means of the current space exploration method for radio waves.

However, even though the most advanced civilian civilization continues to bind radio waves, their radio waves can now be so packed that many scientists can accept them and "noise". .

Looking at the last 50 years on earth's computer evolution, Colomano says: "Our lives and intelligence can be the first step in the evolutionary process," says Colomano. Other civilizations believe that "carbon technicians" are politically sensitive.

He also said that NASA did not engage in exploration of the Golylocks planets, which are most similar to Earth, discovered in recent years.

"Though life is primarily conscious and reasonable, despite the fact that we have been in similar situations, big time differences in possible evolution suggest that" appropriate "technologies are very thin," he said.

The report urges NASA to be open minded when "space physics is ready to stretch out the possibility of space-time and energy-like nature"; focusing on technologists to look at how technology will develop … and the biology of the machine along with the symbiosis; Sociologists are prepared for what we expect from the most advanced societies; and a significant perception of UFO reports.

"I think that SETI (at least officially) ignored the potential phenomenon of the UFO phenomenon," he wrote, referring to the acronym of "exploring the ground".

One of the reasons he admitted that he was "a very high probability of fake, wrong perception, or even psychotic events." But if scientists are to "watch out for phenomena that can not be explained or ignored" through "noise", we can start some important investigations. "

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