Friday , June 9 2023

Ariane Grande attacks Pierre Morgan on Ellen DeGeneres for minor interference and humiliation


By Corey Atad.

17 hours ago

Piers Morgan's recent release of the Little Mix hit the Ariane Grande.

Morgan was attacked by members of the girls' group and began attacking the new "Strip" music video.

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When a small member of the Micah, Jessie Nelson, called Morgan as a "spin", he had to apologize for Morgan.

On Monday, Morgan Ellen criticized De Geerens for "shooting down" men's attractive photos.

"Good Morning British" on Wednesday urged DeGeners to "call the two men" and say "Little Mixes" would like to try to make notes instead of naked.

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He challenged the Head of the Grand Television watching Morgan's response and humiliation to DeGeneres and decided that they were women who had sex with them.

Grande's Twitter fans removed Morgan.

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