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As the light expands 179 light years, we have an atmosphere of water


Planets outside the solar system can not be seen by our telescopes because the stars of this world are shining their brightness. However, astronomers can detect the exoplanet and explore their composition and atmosphere. Scientists have discovered that the exterior planet HR 8799 C has an abundance of water in the atmosphere, according to recent studies based on 179 light years on the planet.

HR 8799 By HR 8799, HR 8799 also puts three other planets labeled B, D and E into orbit. HR 8799 C is the most interesting of four exoplanets, as it is seven times more massive gas giant than Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system.

Also, this exoplanet, lasting 179 light years, has an atmosphere of water. The study used the latest technologies in astronomy and exophylaxis control using a space observatory. Due to this advanced telescope, scientists were able to analyze new HR 8799 C, which was first discovered in 2008.

HR 8799 C Exoplanet 179 There is water in the atmosphere of light years away from us

"This is the kind of technology [Keck Observatory] We want to use it for future life on planet Earth. We are still missing, but we are moving forward, "says the Caltech Astronomy Professor Dmitry Navet and the JPL scientist and author of a new study.

"Now, with Keke, we can learn about the physics and dynamics of these exotic planets that are different from our own planet," says Ji Wang, a leading author of the study.

Regarding the HR 8799 C exoplanet, Wang said that scientists "have grown more confident that the planet has no methane." This may be due to interference in the atmosphere of the planet. If the process of convection did not produce methane, deep layers of the planet would be diluted with methane. "

According to the study, there is a water exosphere in the atmosphere that is 179 light years away from us. However, this world does not exist.

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