Monday , September 27 2021

Atlus Teases Persona 5 R, other new projects

Atlus officially complains to Persona 5 R that many people consider the extended release of Persona-5.

The name was opened in a short video after the Personala animation "Black Day" in Japan. The word "Persona 5 R" is never shown, but the official website called is added to the video and suggests the upcoming title include this new message.

The carrier specifies the location of the P5 signage up to T500, the Shibuiskaya district of T5, and then displays "New Projects" and "2019.3". Video description New information on this topic Whether the "New Projects" referred to in March by the Trailer include only P5R, or incorrect games, similar to Persona-5 Arena-like Persona 5 combat game.

Previous Persona games featured enhanced releases of new content like Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden. In addition to various updates, P3FES introduced the epilogy that was played on original games and brought the P4G PlayStation 2 game to PlayStation Vita with new social links and conversations with various additions.

The video starts with the PlayStation introduction, which assumes that it will be played on PlayStation 4. Many fans doubt that P5R is part of the Nintendo Switch, the main character of P5, Joker, the Super Star Smash Bros. Ultimate, the first DLC registrar of the year. However, this connection comes with the P5R switch, as Joker 3Da comes with the Japanese Persona Q2.

Some Smash Bros. His opponents appeared in the former DLC as the Cloud Strife, but without major headlines on the Nintendo platform, while Final Fantasy VII comes in next year. Although Nintendo and Xbox Console have Persona spinophiles, all major nodes have been released for the PlayStation console released by PS3 and PS4.

At the beginning of the last year, it has been registered with a new brand of the "Persona 5" branded Atlus, among them P5R. Another domain registered at this time was, which became the official Q2 official site.

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