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Australia Melbourne Six Down vs India


As for India, Kochi and his men, who won the T20I two-part series seven times, want to make it eight-fold and they have to force their wattling and bowling alignments to come back again. The Indian battles saw some changes due to KL Rahul's patchy type. Because of not having 101st in T20I in England against Manchester, Rahul can not score more than 30 opponents in the next six matches. The team's leadership continued to trumpet, leaving Manish Pandeys leaked to the fourth room. The need for hours from Rakhol is considered to be part of India's top ranking, especially in the subsequent trials series. (Playing the Fantasy League and getting your daily money)

The second T20I news from India and Australia directly from the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne

14:25 IST: GOLDEN! Kulegei Yadov and Nathan led him down to collect six lanes from Coulter-Nil. After AUS 80-6 13.3.

14:22 IST: OUT! The first attack on Wicket for Clippd Jadav. Kuledeab and Alexey Kerry are on the verge of air strikes at the end of a good long delivery. The Balloon and the Crown Pandaia do not accept simple fishing at depths.

14:19 IST: Fourth! Kuledeep Yadav and Ben McDermott are fined for completing the final whistle and finishes the ball to the top. Great location at McDermott then. AUS 69-5 after 12.

14:15 IST: OUT! A great rider for India. Dangerous Glenn Maxwell goes back after collecting 19 points. Krunal puts the ball to the right by gate. The ball attacks Maxwell's front panel and climbs to the top of the shock. After 11 stages, AUS 62-5.

14:13 IST: Fourth! The striker attacked Pandya trail and Glenn Maxwell scored the first goal of the match.

14:11 IST: exceeds the limit of 10 and in Australia, there are 54 workers on board to lose four viscose. Fear of Kuledep Yaya has ended. Only two men run. Krunal Pandya will continue on the other side.

14:05 IST: There was peace in the yard of Yarden. It works from 5. Another bowling alley for India. Krunal Pandya comes to replace Jasprit Bumrah. AUS 46-4 after 8th.

14:02 IST: Bowling Change for India! Spin was first introduced. Kuldeep Yadav replaces Halal Ahmed.

13:59 IST: OUT! Jasprett Bumra is amazingly bright. Outside of Bumrah and Marcus Stoinis, short-term delivery is for high cutting. Dinekh and Dinesh Kartik can not get a good shot at the depths. Stoiches goes back after collecting four blows. AUS 41-4 after 6.3 more.

13:52 IST: OUT! A second hit to Khalil Ahmed. Left hand and D-Arcy Short for short-term shipment. Takes the lower half of the half and drags it over the stresses. Australia is currently in a great difficulty. After AUS 35-3, 5.3.

13:49 IST: Fourth! Jasprett is the first to cross Bumra. Bumra and D & # 39; s Arcy Short are out of the way collecting four round wheels. That's a great time to the left. 5 overs after AUS 34-2.

13:45 IST: Bowling Change for India! Jasprit Bumrah replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

13:42 IST: OUT! Krunal is a great race from Pandya. Khalil Ahmed attacks India. The extensive painting from Halel and Lynne is followed by this. Attacks and crunches can hold the ground well. Dangerous Lyn goes back 13 times after running. AUS 27-2 after round 3.5.

13:41 IST: Four! Halel Ahmed pushed Chris Linne around the ball to fill his juice and dropped four balls.

13:35 IST: DOWNLOAD AND ALISH! Bhuvněsvár Kumar and Chris Lin's rod go head to toe. Jazzpatret Bumra squeezes his arm and goes over the ball. Bumra's borderline and distortion in Bhubneshus are not happy with his efforts. AUS 16-1 after round 2.4.

13:32 IST: It's down! Bhuvneshwar comes after gambling and D & # 39; s having a good length from Arcy Short. It controls only the ball. Diving Rishabh It is impossible to hold the ball in the bar behind the pedestal. Arcy lived a short time, but she was miraculously delivered from Bhuvenshvar. AUS 9-1 is then over 2.1.

13:29 IST: Fourth! The first leg of the match for Australia. Halil Ahmed and Die Arsi The full length of the shortest runs directly to the ground to collect four balls. AUS 6-1 is then more than 1.3.

13:26 IST: Succeeded by Bhuvněsvár Kumar. The two run and go to the bar with him. Halal Ahmed shares the second ball with Bhuvenshvar. 2-8 minutes after 1 year of age.

13:22 IST: OUT! The first ball to Aaron Finch. Bhuvneshwar Gambling Outside. Taking out the outer part of the Finch light, Rishabh left the rest of Torst behind the trumpets. Great start for India! 0.2 after AUS 1-1.

13:21 IST: Australia is almost unknown. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and D's Arcy Short have a comfortable girl on the beach. 0.1 after AUS is 1-0

13:20 IST: Openers D & # 39; Arcy Short and Aaron Finch in the middle of Australia. Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts a lawsuit for India. One slip for Bhuvneshwar. Here we go!

13:10 ISTFans: everything is set up!

12:57 IST: Play XI for Teams.

India: Rohit Sharma, Shihar Davan, Virat Kohli (c), Lokesh Rahul, Rishabh Pant (w), Dinesh Kartik, Krunal Pandya, Bhuvnessvar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Japit Bumra, Halel Ahmed.

Australia: Arsè Short, Aaron Finch (c), Chris Linne, Glenn Maxwell, Markus Stoïnis, Ben McDermott, Alexey Carey (Nathan Coulter-Nil, Andrew Ti, Adam Simpa, Jason Björlerdorf).

12:53 IST: Toss – The Indian ship captain, Virat Kohli, wins the battle against Australia.

12:38 IST: Good news! The covers are closed.

12:33 IST: Weather Release – Melbourne is a bit fractured.

12:30 IST: Hello and hello T20I live broadcast from Melbourne to India and Australia.

A bowling alert review may also be of interest to the team's management. In the grass surface of the grass, Krunal Pandyana reached the four corners of the four wheels and hit about six to six people. If MCC is Gabba's nature, Kohli will be forced to bring Jawwendra Chahal, the legend who can boast of the fast record of the T20I. Then, even when the team's balance is violated, you can see that the team team is experiencing some changes after such a discount. If they leave Pandaia, they will be left shorter, and Kohl may not be ready to accept that game. In fact, the loss has led to the doubts of the Indian team's strategic preparations in the priority format since July 2017. Before the first match, captain Colly needs to be reduced to errors and restore the upper hand at significant stages of the game.

In Brisbane, "The Heavenly Men" settled in the field and this was the last difference in the game. Even at least two times in the field, Kohl did not work in the field, and for the fourth time he was accused of contamination with Aaron Finch. Australia has bigger platforms than India and, of course, has bigger borders, and the ICG is another great test. The goal is to cut the tension in the second team before the team's head to work with the corners. In this series, such turnover does not help to reduce the time, which trainer R. Srijjar can not work with MGG players.

The field improvements are theoretically drilling in the garment part. India also looks at other areas where improvements can be made. Great for Australia, who introduced Adam as the only transplant, was able to win Australia with a strong field effort. All 48 hours ago, at least in all subdivisions, "Men of the Spring" are considered to be the best in the unexpected. Melbourne was experiencing a strong spell in the second half of the week, so the second T20I might be raining.


India: Wat Kohli, Shikar Davan, Rohit Sharma, KL Rakhul, Manish Pandy, Shreas Iyer, Dinesh Kartik, Rishabh Pant (wk), Krunal Pandya, Yvvendra Chakhal, Kuldeep Yadav, Japit Bumra, Bhuvnessvar Kumar, Wush Yadv, Halal Ahmed, Washington Sundar .

Australia: Aaron Finch, Ashton Agar, Jason Berendorf, Alex Carey, Nathan Coulter-Nil, Chris Lynn, Ben McDermott, Glenn Maxwell, Arcy Short, Billy Stanley, Markus Stoica, Andrew Tee, Adam Sampa.

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