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Austrian Matthews wins 4-3 victory with his opponent Sabers

If this game is a taste of coming between Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sables, I'm here. Maple Leafs and Sabers went to the KeyBank Center on Tuesday evening to give a memorable night to their home fans. At the first stage, slow construction has transformed into second and third places. Thus, Aston Matthews finished the race for more than 2.7 seconds, giving Leafs a 4-3 victory over the Atlantic. I think they can be said now.

The match was only a victory, but he scored two goals, one assistant and five shots. On the other hand, his colleague, Jack Echelle, has scored eight goals, two goals, unequal. Between 2015 and 2016, four combined goals have been linked or maintained at the key moment.

Support for this game was equally good. Jake Gardiner spent 24:48 minutes in ice, but only Morgan Rielli (25:50) went on for Leafs. On the other hand, Rasmus Ristolainen received four shots – all of these and three for Sabrres at 27.00. It was all ice and all players, namely Mitch Marner.

There were a few moments before the game that made me happy with Leafs and hockey fans. First, William Nilllene.

Secondly, despite the efforts of Mark Hunter Marner and Matthew to make the most inconvenient, the TSN's opening speech gave me a gospel. It's very impressive to shoot just one movie.

The first stage

The beginning of this game between the third and fifth best teams in the NHL was as you expected: high-octane. Buffalo is a fast team, but he was in Toronto, and he got a great deal early. Nazem Kadri and Andreas Jonesson play the wings and give Jonsson the opportunity to fly directly through Linus Wilmarck's fold and look for the far gate. Leafs approaches open rebounds, but the ball is free of time.

However, from then on, Sabers really conquered under the pressure of the Leafs region. In the next 10 minutes, he scored 20 goals for Sabers Frederick Andersen. Freddie has halted all 13 shots in the network, including Ristolainen, a beautiful man.

Marner woke up his team at this stage twice with a dynamic shift. Ristolainen did not like what he saw, and he marched to Marner in the center of the attacking area and played a legitimate 21-year-old player while standing in the corner. You do not know how the penalty was called; could be easily interrupted, detained, or intimidated. What ever.

After one

In the middle of the 10 minutes, there was a train disruption for Maple Leafs, Saberz attempted to shoot 11 at one point at the first stage. Luckily, later, Leafs had only three smaller weapons in their possession. At the end of the Leafs shooting (18-21), the shooting (7-14) is behind, but the probability (10-8) has fallen.

The second stage

This was a very successful start for the two teams, TSN had to tell stories about ice judges and drawings. It was good, but the first goal of the game was very good.


Again, Austria again. You know that, he plays every game. Literal words. In the second period, Aston has 14 goals in 14 games this season. Usually we are hitting him from a distance with his bread and butter, but this time he has completed the Rapid Lightning in Wilmar to get Ron Hessey back in gloves and give the Temple the first attack of the game.

He was fined 30 minutes, but the goalkeeper's gate was sent to Conner Brown for interference. The Buffalo's power play takes a short time, but it's about the spectacular noise depicted by Zah Hayman. In the second game, he was able to break the defender's right arm. Heemane Tadeh Thompson puts a good goal. That would have been a penalty, but I think that Fallemin acknowledges that he takes the fourth-fourths advantage.


In six minutes, Sabers answers Jeff Smith, the former Hab Nathan Blouhe, when he has a chance of pure thought. Both Skinner and Sam Reinhart, both of them, went to the bed and took Freddy Andersen's stick. Par Lindholm and Ron Hesse were involved in Skinner and Reinhart respectively, but they did not allow themselves to do so.


Haiman once again sailed off the defensive line and attacked with Marner. John Tavares was not far from his Latinos. He made a spectacular attack from Marner, but did not take the blow. Instead, he sent Tawares Gardiner a better view than to lose his shot. Love Henry's father.

After two o'clock

The second stage was statistically between Leafs and Sabers. On the 5th day, 5 shooting attempts (17-17) and attack (9-9) were associated, but Sabrs attacked the lids in the flats (9-10).

Third stage


The fourth line was opposed to the first line of the Saber. The leaves were on their buttons for a whole shift, they were photographed only. Finally, Eichel took the ice rink passing through the Ristolainen and landed a timer. I must admit that Gardiner did not miss his man, but obviously the bottom of the sea was clear. Nobody was able to attend this game.


No, Nikita and Nazem. Qadri hit the defender of the new Bohemian Jack Echel in the defensive zone, dancing Zaitsev on a slide and frolicking it for less than seven minutes.

The Leafs worked so well until this point was shot and shot. The Marlevo-Matthews-Kapanin line did not work so well, but the Tavares line was a dance. Tavarés prevented Uilmars from being hacked. There was a mistake in transferring. Unfortunately.



The watch lasted less than 30 seconds, and the two teams had a connection, Marner tried to attack the last one. He cut into the middle of the ice, stroked the blueness and removed the mosque from the body first. If this boy had only a good shot, he would be one of the most complete players in the league. Anyway, it took more time than Buffalo.

Over time

The Marner-Tavares-Rielly division was the first shift in their area, but they had a long enough length to move to Marleau and Matthews. Gardiner's spouse also fell into the area of ​​his own territory, and fell into the hands of Evan Rodriguez-Reinhardt-Ristolainen.

Fortunately, the Leafs have Kasperi Kapanen. After feeling Sabrres' clock in his own area, Capanne stole the attacking forward and hit him in the upright corner. The Ullmark has taken some part of it, but at some point the momentum has changed; The leaves were controlled.

4-3 OT

Although Buffalo tried to work as soon as possible, Matthew and Capanne had different plans. Less than 10 seconds later, Nikita made his way to Zaitsev's gate and sent ice to the Sabers line. Cloaked on the top of the slot for Aston to make his game at the highest level and stop Ullmark gloves, stopping the game and leaving 2.7 seconds an hour to win QEW Derby.

WOOOOOO !!!!!!

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