Tuesday , September 28 2021

B.C. Works on the islands of the Gulf

B.C. On Sunday, December 20, after rebuilding the losing power after a storm that hit the coast, Hydro withdrew its last crew members from Salt Spring Island and other southern islands on Sunday.

Ted Ollik, BK Hydro, said repair work, except for several isolated cases, was completed on Sunday afternoon.

"We will have all those who suffered from the hurricane, and we will restore them today," Olyanik said via telephone. "Mission Complete".

The wind storm increased to 88 km / h in Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands. Branches, trash cans and trees have flooded power lines and have hurt more than 150,000 consumers in electricity.

At the height of repair works Olanyik, BK Hydro 900 passes 16 hours a day. Backup crew members from Vancouver islands BK Interiors, such as Alberta and Maritime.

Once BK More than 350 trucks and their crews worked on the Gulf.

"So our crew will be able to go home and spend Christmas with their families," Olyanik said.

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