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Balloons and blankets during Moria's Thanksgiving Day parade



New York (AP) – Bistails watch the parade of the Thanksgiving Day, breaking the cold temperatures and breaking blanket and sleeping bags to see the balloon's distance.

Tony Stoot, with his family, was in the camp for 2 nd minutes to become a good manifestation of his son's trip to the parade with Ohio State University parade. They held a rally on the Virginia Columbus rally.

"Oh, I'm freezing and sleeping, but I am glad," he said.

Forecasts indicate that in the 20s (-4 to 7 degrees Celsius) 20 mph (32 km / h) weather forecast for stable air, 30 mph (48kg), safe for balloons flight within the region.

Officials in the city say that 16 large symbol balloons such as SpongeBob and Charlie Brown, if needed, will heighten their height.

Diana Ross, John Legend, Martin McBride and "Sezam Kök" Muapets will play in cold weather.

Thursday was the coldest year in New York City since 1901, when the temperature was only 26 degrees Celsius (-3.3 Celsius). The coldest record was 1871, and the warmest was 22 degrees Celsius (-5.5 Celsius).

The Macy Parade did not start until 1924.

New York exposes the extreme cold weather warnings, wearing hat, scarf, gloves and overlays, and keeps fingers, headphones, and nose frozen.

According to Police Commissioner James O 's, thousands of officers will be on the parade. Among them are a team of K-9 members, who are fighting long-range weapons, platelets mixed with crowds and breaking explosives several thousand feet away.

The parade takes 46 blocks from Macy's flagship store located in the center of Manhattan west of the Central Park.

There are about 8,000 marshans in the rally, including two high school balls and two-twelfth floating balls with the arrival of Santa Claus. The performances are broadcast on NBC TV, starting at 9 o'clock.

Ross, a 74-year-old, sings his new Christmas album and joins his flotilla, including some of his family members, including ABC's "Black-ish" Tracee Ellis Ross and actor Evan Ross.

Bun Buni, Kane Brown and Ella May, Pantonetics, Rita Ora, Saccarlend, Anica Noni Rose, Barenaked Ladies, Leona Lewis, Alli Brook of the Fifth Harmony, Bazzi, Ashley Tisdale and Carl Pearce.

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